• Season 5, Ep 13

Why Is Mimi Crying Over Stevie J?

After seeing Stevie J arrive with Jessica Dime, Mimi becomes emotional over all the ways she has felt betrayed by Stevie.

07/04/2016 ยท 2:29

What's upwith you and Dime?

Like, when I wastrying to get you guys

to do business together, it was,"I don't (bleep) with her,"

and, "(bleep) her and..."Blah, blah, blah?

When I tried to bring Dimeto the table for management,

Stevie told me absolutely not.

He called Dime heavy.

Said thatshe was not talented.

So, the moment that I step backfrom the situation,

here you are gonnago behind my back?

You know, I'm gonnabe honest, it's, like,

with the whole Joselinething and the (bleep)

she did on social mediaand how she wanna play,

and I just...

I felt like I wanted to...

What?Find Dime and doa song with her.

I didn't reach out to Dimeto piss Mimi off.

I reached out to Dime to showJoseline who the real boss was!

Am I wrong for workingwith Dimepiece?

You're not wrongfor working--

What you're wrong for isnot communicating it to me

because I'm the onethat brought Dime

to the table.

I apologize,and I appreciate you.

I really do.

In the art of war,

people get hurtthat don't deserve to get hurt.

I apologize, Mimi.

I didn't know thatyou would be hurt by this.


I love you.

Well, you know what?

At leastyou could tell me--

Words don't mean(bleep) to me.

Actions speaklouder than words.

So, you don't thinkI love you?

I think you're in denialabout a lot of (bleep)

that has gone on between us.

I understand everything.

Please tell mewhat you understand.

I (bleep) up our family.

Messing with--For what?

For a stripper.

Made youfeel young again.

That's what you told me.

She made youfeel young again.

And you hurt me and...I know.

No, you don't.I do.

(choking up)You have no idea

how the (bleep)you hurt me.

Come here.Come on, ma.

(crying)I'ma tell you what.

Come on, yo, come on.I'ma tell you what.

You did some damage

that can never be(bleep) repaired, ever.


Your sorrysmean nothing to me!

Your words meannothing to me, Stevie.

Stop it, stop it.

You have got to startshowing me actions.


Do you understand?Yes.

Don't (bleep) play meanother (bleep) time,

I swear on everything!

Remember that.