• Season 3, Ep 3 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 3: If You Can't Stand The Kitchen, Get Out Of The Heat

A1 and Lyrica give the play-by-play of A1's mom, Pam, interrupting their date night while Moniece, Brandi, and Nikki recap the shocking reveal that happened at Brandi's store opening.

08/29/2016 · 8:08

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The scene you're about to seeis my mom coming home early

and (bleep)-blocking the night.

This is my lucky night.

Oh, my gosh,I'm getting foot rubs.

Ooh, it's beena long time, mmm...


I'm a hell of a massager.

I get down with the feetand, you know...

Lyrica got it,she got it made.

She get a massage like...every other day.

I would like one every day.

I cook, I...You know where I live.

We're not even gonna getinto the list of what I do.

What you needevery day?

Uh, if you don't know...

A1 wants (bleep)every day.

Baby, if I drink all this wine,I'm gonna be so drunk.

And then we wouldhave, like, amazing sex.

No, no, don'tdrink all of it

'cause you're gonnago to sleep.

I'm not gonnago to sleep.

I know Lyrica and alcohol.

It's not a turn-up,get kinky situation.

It's a turn-up and fall asleepsituation, so...

Gotta start early.

Take a couple more sips.

This is gonnamake me more kinky.

What are youtalking about?

I'm all for it.

(door closes)

You can't be serious.

What's up, Mama?

How you doing, son?

I'm good.

You can't be seriousright now.

Like, we're supposed to bechilling, just me and you.

Uh, yeah.

You hungry now?

Yeah, you gonnawhip something down?


Pam cannot cook, yo!Pam can't cook nothing.

She makes ramen--that's her favorite meal,

and she calls it healthy if sheputs frozen carrots on top.

She can't cook.

What I'm gonna do,what I'm gonna do...

is I'm gonna give you guysMommy and son night.

Come on, Lyrica.Petty.

Is there somethingwrong with you?

The problem that I have,Pam, is that when you first

moved here, you were supposedto stay for two weeks...

I didn't have to do (bleep).

Well, why are you here now?Then you had to--

Because it's my son.

(mocking her)"Uh, 'cause that's my son.

Hi, son, you hungry, son?"


I come here and then youthink I wanna hear all this?

"I come here and you thinkI wanna hear all this?"



She's just over-the-top.

Like, you come in hereand you interrupt our night.

I always do.

We're chilling, we're watchingmovies, you're starting (bleep).

You know,everybody can see

you think youMiss Diva anyway.

I don't think I'm anything.You and your mama.


Okay,I hear you son.

Hang on, just cook.Okay.

She petty.No.

If I was giving outpetty awards,

they both would walk outas winners for sure.

Enough, no morename calling.

What you making us,Pam, ramen?

Oh, girl, ain't nobodytrying to hear that.

You making ramen, you gonnaput some green beans and...

Ain't nobody tryingto hear that.

Frozen carrots in there 'causethat's all you know how to cook.

Ain't nobodytrying to hear that.

My son spend money on you,the way you look.

Oh...Everything you see here

is 100% real.

It's not fake.

You need to suck thatgut out, that ain't 100%.

Girl, wherethe gut at? Look.

You need to suckthat gut, boo.

That's not 100%But... where the gut at?

Suck that gut out.Let me see.

Do you see a gut?

"Where that gut at?You see that gut?"


No fake titties,it's no fake butt.

And it ain'tnothing there.

Y'all enjoy,I'm done.

Let me know whenthat ramen turns out.

Ramen, that isher specialty.

She gets, you know,those noodles in there.

With some carrots.

A little bit of peasor something, broccoli.


You can'tstand the kitchen,

get your ass upout of the heat.

(laughing)Oh, my God!

(laughing)"If you can't stand...

stand the kitchen,get your ass out of the heat."

It's if you can'tstand the heat,

get your ass upout kitchen.

Say it right next time...if you're gonna say it.

The next sceneyou're about to see

is perhaps one of the most epicscenes of all time.

The She Wawa,

a.k.a. Lil' Brandy's husband

busts her red-handed

at the grand openingof her little hood store.

(crowd chattering)

Hello, Brandi.Yes!

Hey, baby.Yeah-- again.


Heeey! Yes.

My familyis in the house!


Oh, I gotthe family support.

Ray is here to support.

I just wannasay I appreciate

every single one of y'allin this room right now

coming to see dreamsbecome reality.

You guys can goshop anywhere.

But to be in here strong--Ray, Princess...

Let's not forget, you haveMiss Nikki in the building.

You know, that part too--I'm standing right over there.


Baby, hey, my--my fine-ass husband...

Oh, my God, now he's fine.

That's the rightexpression, Ray.

Baby?What's up?

I wanna talk to you.

I should'veprobably told him

before the grand opening.

This is 50% our store.

Excuse me?

We own 50% of the store.What?

I'm a little too dressedfor this event right here.

Lookit, look at the familythough.

They ran for cover!

They're just giving us 50%of the (bleep)

'cause they just like us?

I want you to behappy right now

because thisis all for you.

I cannot take Brandiright now.

Where youget the money?

That's the part,no...

It's what?Spit it out, bitch.

The money is already--okay.

Get it up.I'm about to cry.

This is (bleep) epic.

The 27...What? Is what?

Was a stunt?

The moneythat you had...

I know you not talkingabout my son's money.

Ooh! Bitch,you a bomb-ass mom.

Hold the press.

I know this passionate bitchdidn't rob the baby's piggybank.

See what I'm saying?The bitch is a (bleep) fraud.

I spoke about mother her'cause I'm so passionate!

Stealing from the baby.

Bitch, what?!

I'm shocked.Not Brandi?

No... the world's best,most passionate mother.

You lied about whatthe (bleep) you was doing.

You lie withPrincess and Ray,

talking about you shopping fordresses and you doing (bleep).

The bitch donestepped out of formation

and spentall the baby's money.

Come back in hereand don't leave

in the middle of the store...I'ma talk to you later.

In the middleof the store!

Let me ask youa question.

When the (bleep)I ever told you no?

When I ever say no?It's not about that.

When the (bleep)have I ever said no?

So, would you spend some moneyfrom my son and not tell me?

Because you--I didn'tthink you would...

Oh, hell.Hell, no.

This happening.This is happening.

I have not acted like thisin so long!

Oh, my God.

What is you doing?

(Brandi)It's for our son. No!

"No, no!"

I just wanna see herjust one time just doing...

I wanna go home,I wanna go home.

I wanna go home.


Okay, bitch, hold on.

We don't want youto die right now.

Go, go, go, yeah.


Get the bleep off.

(Brandi)Hell, no!No, no, no, no, no!

Nooo, no, no, no, no!

(sobbing)Swear to God,swear to God,

I don't want thisto end like this.


That gave me my wholemother(bleep) life.

And now I evenhave rhythm.

Bitch! Whaaat?

Oh, my God!

Bitch a thief!

You gonnago to jail in Inglewood!

Oh, it's not all good!

Ah, in Brandi's hood, bitch!


Jesus be revenge!