• Season 3, Ep 6

Safaree Catches Nikki With Rosa

When Safaree catches Nikki locking lips with Rosa, Safaree feels deceived and Rosa begins to question Nikki's honesty.

09/19/2016 ยท 2:42

(Safaree)After talkingto the men, then,

I need to really boss upin this relationship

and find outwhere we are going,

'cause right now,I'm lost.

No matter how hotthe guys think it is

that Nikki's dating Rosa,

if that's going onbehind my back,

that's betrayal.

I saw on the 'gram that she hasan event coming up.

I'm about to pull up12:00 on her like this

and see what's really good.

Pretty muchtake anything,

and I felt likethat was the same thing.

Okay.Only thing waswas like--

What's up?


How you doing?How are you?

Hello.What's up?

Hey, you look nice.Where's Nikki at?

I don't knowwhere she is.

Well, damn.

I don't know what to do.

I'm like, "Nia, should we, like,hold him hostage here or..."

(bleep) I don't want to beinvolved, honestly.


What the (bleep)?



What's up?

What's up?

Oh, my God.

I didn't think they wouldcatch me slipping like this.

Now I have absolutely no choicebut to come clean.

Well, moment of truth, guys.

I asked you ifthere was any

other type of sidefishy business going on,

and you said...

This is notfishy business.

If I don't know about it,it's fishy business.

Who are you?

Let me talk.

I-- I have not beentotally honest.

I have been seeingboth of you.

(Rosa)I just can't believe that Nikkiactually lied to me.

We agreed thatwe were gonna be honest.

I just don't understandwhat's going on right now.

Like, excuse me?

Y'all, like, ina full-blown relationship,

or you just dip onsome ball game vibes?

Some what?

I've been intimatewith her and I...

What's intimate meanfor y'all two?

I think you knowwhat intimate means.No, I don't.

Enough to make each otherfeel really good.

Mm. (chuckles)


Mm, okay.

I just don't understandwhy you care so much

if she's notyour girlfriend.

You don't know whatme and her have been doing.

Honey, you guys are notbuilding a goddamn thing.

You living, like,a double life right now.

Why are you so upset?We're not in a relationship.

You tell me that you're notdealing with anyone else.

Another man.

Come on,that's very deceiving.

But she doesn't have to beexplaining you

a goddamn thing anyways.

When I first met Nikki,I fell for her.

Aside from her beingbeautiful and a boss,

I feel like we gota connection.

I made it clearfrom the jump

I wasn't gonna beseeing anybody,

and she saidthe same exact thing,

and thenif that was to change,

we were gonna let each otherknow.

This is whatI want to know,

'cause she's acting, like,feisty right now.

I want whatever you have.

I want the both of y'all.