• Season 5, Ep 12

Tiny + Domani Hold Auditions

Tiny helps Domani with his show ideas, and suggest that he auditions his brothers and sisters.

07/18/2016 ยท 3:30




Hey buddy, let meshow you something.

You know how I was,I was thinking aboutyour talk show here.

I was putting some of the oldfootage of my old talk show.

I want you to see this.

What's the one cost-effective style

so you don't have to go in every week?

(Tiny on video) If you've got curly hair, you just wash it and go.

Curly hair and a pony tail.

I invested in a nice ceramic flat iron.

Didn't have to go to the hair salon for like a year.

That's not always good. That's cheap.

You gonna burn out all that damn hair with the flat iron,

trying to do it by yourself. (laughter)

I don't think it's a good idea for you to go

without going to get your hair done.

'Cause you're a hairdresser.


Whatever you feel, it's you.

You wear it. That's what matters.

No tricks this way.

Whatever makes you (bleep) happy.

(laughter and applause)

So, this is justto show you

like how y'allcan play off each other.

And you know, she might have adifferent opinion from you, or.

When everybody doesn't gel allthe time, that's even better.

So you think I shouldhave a co-host.

Yeah, a co-hostor two.

You could try your brothersand sisters out.

They could bea little funny.


I think you should audition,you know, just call them in.

They all, you know,most of them are here.


Get your butt in here!

What's up, man?

Check this out.I'm making a talk show.

We're trying to figure out ifyou have the qualifications

of being a host.Okay.

I'm ask you somequestions, okay?


What do you think is your bestat-- assess-- atsess-- assess--



What do you bringto the table?Yeah.

Wait, what can you,what can you help--

Yeah, what do you bringto the table here?


Ha ha.

No, sir.

Ha ha.You're out.


I'ma takethat hat.(Tiny)Oh, Messiah!

What do you think yourbest qualification isfor a talk show?

I'm smart.Okay.

I have wisdom.

Ha ha ha.


Do you think you'rea people person?


I like this guy.I like this guy!

Cool.It might be justfor the look.

All right, next!

So, Major, are youa people person?

Would you think of yourselfas a people person?

Do you like talkingto people and-- ?

I don't like thatthat much.


You could be making big moneywith your brother.

Big bucks.

Eh, I'm notinterested.

You don't careabout big bucks?

You're disqualified.

All right,next!

(sneezes)I'm all right.

Oh, hey.

Sorry, guys.Hey!

Do you feel like you would havea lot of gossip and info

for the people that arelistening in the audience?


(chuckling)Next question.

Heh, heh,next question.

Do you think you will be ableto let them take something home

that Deyjah has broughtto the table?


Heh, heh--Are you funny?

I just made youlaugh twice, so.


Deyjah,good job.

Pound it.

Too slow.


Major's notinterested.

He is funny, but--

He's not focused.

He's not focused.

I agree.Thank you.

This is-- I learneda lot today, you know.

Yeah, well, I hadthe time, you know.

I'm hopin', I want the showto be successful, babe.

Me too.

I'm gonna take thischair, you know.

Get the feng shui ofthe house correct again.