• Season 5, Ep 16

Joseline To Stevie J: No, I Don't Love You

When Stevie J and Joseline meet to discuss their relationship, it becomes clear that this couple is headed towards a break-up.

07/25/2016 · 3:44


(Stevie J)Since I got back from L.A.,

I had a lot of timeto think about everything.

And it's time things change.

I've given Joselinemultiple chances

to make things right between us.

But Joseline is only interestedin herself.

Joseline has refusedto apologize

for takingthat disrespectful picture,

by lying about thesefake babies.

She was never interestedin forming a bond with my kids

or my parents.

She's like a bad habitthat I need to kick.

I see you're stillplaying the same old tune.

You don't learnno new tune yet?

I got a few new tunes.

(Stevie J)You know I'ma always havea special love for Joseline.

In a perfect world, we supposedto be the dynamic duo

the took over the world.

But you know, in life,you never get what you ask for.

Ever since we left L.A.it was shaky, right?

We get to Atlanta,completely separated.

(sighs loudly)

"Ah," what?

I'm just listeningto the bull(bleep)

you got to say.

That's all I'm doing.

What are you gonnatell me, Stevie?


I miss you.

I-- I know that.

You miss me, too?No.


Not at all.

I don't love you.

(Joseline)I'm face to facewith my husband,

and what's going throughmy mind right now

is that he should reallybe on his knees,

apologizing for lying.

"I'm sorry for stabbing youin the back.

"I'm sorry for beinga horrible husband

"that I have beenfor five years.

"I'm sorry that I wentbehind your back and hurt you.

I'm sorry."But you know what?

That only that he can sayis that he misses me?

(bleep) you.What about that?

What's upwith you, man?

You gonna run from a (bleep)like me your whole life,

the only (bleep)that's been there for you.

It's funny how thingschange, right?


Oh, yeah,thanks to you,

I'm on child supportwith Mimi.

But I got the bread.That ain't the problem.

But a real wifewouldn't do that.

A real wife?A real wifewouldn't do that.

I thought you was unclaiming meall over the radio station.

Now I'm a real wife?

You're not gonna own upto nothing, right?

Own up to what?

You telling Mimi I had a babyby Promise B. Mae.

One kiddo.

Two kiddo.

Three kiddo.

Four kiddos.

Five kiddos.

Oh, now you gotanother kiddo.

That's six.

Then you gotanother one.

You're delusional.

That's seven.

No, you're delusionalfor losing all of this.

Eight kids.Oh! Nine kids.

You might have ten.

Or 11... 12...Nobody believes you.

Mimi believed me,'cause you on child support.

That's only chump change.I'ma take care of mine anyway.


How many petalscome in a rose?

That's how many kidsyou got.

I don't know howyou on a high horse.

Tell me how youon a high horse.

Oh, no high horse.I'm just sick of your (bleep).

You the one...back hanging with Dawn,

the same broad that talkeddirty and greasy about you.

Okay.And she just gonna (bleep)throw you to the side.

Never disrespect--What you got?

These streets is mine.

Man, listen, man.


Good-bye to you!

Lookin' a littleflabby and fat.

Good night, bitch.You a ho.

Yet again, Joseline thinksshe can disrespect me,

like I'm nothin' to her.

See, she might not beMrs. Jordan,

but she's stillunder contract with me.

She can't do nothin' without me,whether she like it or not.

I'm the boss,and I'ma always be the boss.

We done with this (bleep).