• Season 5, Ep 18

Will Tammy and Waka Get Back Together?

Nina Parker talks to Tammy and Bambi about Tammy's separation from Waka and her relationship with Deb.

08/08/2016 ยท 1:57

This season, Tammy alsohad a wake-up call.

Her marriage to Waka had beentainted by cheating allegations

that surfaced on the blogs.

And she was forced to facethe ugly truth.

Where's Waka?

You know, we separated.

Oh, no, sis.Oh, baby.

Tammy...Please, no.

Don't cry...

One of the mostunexpected things

that happened this seasonwas your breakup with Waka.

Can you justtell us what happened?

We just needour space, you know.

As a woman, sometimes you acceptsome things that you shouldn't.

And sometimes menjust get comfortable.

(Nina)'Cause there were so manyrumors going around...

Yeah....of why you separated.

I just wanna try to clearthe record straight.

Is there anything thatyou can clear up to say...

One thing I will say.Okay.

The stuff that yousee on the blogs...Mm-hmm.

I mean, I'm not sayingthere's no truth behind it...Okay.

But the majority of itare lies.Okay.

Me and Waka did not separatebecause of one single female.Okay.

It was neveranything like that.

Do you think that therewill be that reconciliation

once the dust has settled?

I do.(Nina)You do?

I've seem 'em together,I know he loves her.Mm-hmm.

He, like a lot of men,have a lot of growing to do.

And I do feel like he's gonnaget his (bleep) together.

(Nina)And as hard as it wasfor Tammy to tell herself

she had to leave the marriage,

it was even harderto break the news

to another important personin her life, Waka's mom, Deb.

I'm not ready for this,I'm just really not.


Since the separation,what's you relationship

with Deb been like?The same.

It's still a family,it's just a family

going through a separation.

Let me ask you, are youguys still living together?

No. No.As a family?

Me and Waka are still--that's my best friend.

Okay.I haven't filed for divorce.

And, hopefully, he can workon him and I can work on me.

And if it's meantto be then... we'll be.