• Season 3, Ep 10 · Bonus

Safaree Attempts To Console Pam

After A1's car gets towed away, Safaree tries to calm down Pam who is furious with Lyrica G.

10/17/2016 · 2:06

Give me one chancewith that bitch,

and I'm telling you right now,(bleep) you and your daughter,

you bitch,you poor ass (bleep).

That's why y'allain't made it nowhere yet,

you're still in the same stage,and you gonna be there.

I done took all I can takefrom this (bleep).

(bleep) this bitch.

I should have beenputting my (bleep) foot

in your goddamn mouth.

It's about timefor me to step up

and knock her the (bleep) out.

She'll leave methe (bleep) alone.

My son, too.

What do you think we can doto try to fix this?

Do you thinkthis can be fixed?

No, I don't think so.

You know why?Because this bitch.

This is what she asked me.

How long are youplanning on staying here?

And ever since then,

I feed that bitchwith a long spoon.

My son is the reason whythey got this (bleep), bitch,

and the furniture.

Poor ass (bleep) bitch.

She wanna run around herewith tight pants on.

Take all that(bleep) off, bitch.

Take your (bleep) weave andlashes off, see how you look.

Me and my son said, takeall that (bleep) off, bitch.

I bet you ugly as a (bleep).

I seen you.Man, (bleep) her.

With (bleep) like that,

you can't just putso much of your energy into it,

if people wanna behow they are, like,

you just gotta justlet it be and just...

Right. And I've beendoing that for the longest.

Look, these two,they're married,

so you know,until death do them part.

And I'm--I'm cool with that.

But she ain't gonna keepdisrespecting mine.

And don't tell(bleep) what they doing.

Look, can you teach mehow to like, garden,

or fertilizeor whatever it is?

I can teach you how to pullsome (bleep) weave out.

(laughing)I don't want--

Look, listen.I can teach you that.

I don't--I don't do hair.

We went from grassto pulling out weave.

Yeah, yeah.You gotta--

No, you gotta stickwith the grass.

You know, back home,I used to cut grass,

my lawn wasso (bleep) beautiful.

I should just show youa picture of itright now.

I had-- I done all that,been there, done that.

So let's getthis grass like it.

I could the plug of thatbitch hair out right now.

Let's get this grass like

your old lawn back in the day,all right?

So, look,is this your garden soil?

Yeah.All right.