• Season 5, Ep 10

Scrapp Does a Photo-Shoot With His Son

Scrapp puts together a photo-shoot for him and his son, King. Scrapp wants to create memories, but he also has some bad news for his son.

06/06/2016 · 3:31

(Scrapp)Today I'm at my mom's warehousefor a photo shoot

I put together for me and King.

I just wanted some really nicepictures of us

for me and him tohave for memories,

and there's some news thatI gotta break to him

and quite frankly, I don'tknow how I'm gonna do it.

♪ Time don't let itfade away ♪

♪ Gotta capture every moment ♪

♪ Just play itlike a game ♪

♪ Like a game ♪

♪ I'm telling youbaby ♪

♪ Don't you worry ♪♪


(Karen)So what you think aboutthe new studio, Scrapp?

I need in.

I need all the way in.

I plan on doingsome big things with it.

Today we're doing this photoshoot in my new studio.

You can do photo shoots,

videos, recording studios--we have it all.

I've been distractedwith this Tiarra drama,

but what I realize withScrapp going away,

I gottaget back to business.

This is an investment.

The King family,we're gonna be okay.

You know, I'm so glad thatTiarra came to her senses.

It's good seeingy'all together.

You know how muchI love this guy.


Who your best friend?


You really need to leaveTommie and TNT alone,

'cause when that TNTget together...

You ain't evengotta tell me.... (bleep) blow up.


I already heard you beenseeing Miss Karlie Redd.

Mama, I'll tell you,but always listening

to what you hearing inthe streets, all right?

I ain't gonna makeno promises,

I'm gonnasee how it go.

I really ain't got muchtime to even--

to really catch feelings,you know what I'm saying?

But she seem likeshe like me a lot, so...

Well, you know, I vouch forthe older chick (bleep).

Ma, you vouchfor Tommie.


(Karen)I used to be team Tommie.

But really sometimes I thinkTommie likes her chardonnay

more thanshe likes Scrapp.

Tiarra, even though

our conversationwent so far left,

at least she has allowed Scrappto spend his last few days

with King,so I'm happy for that.

(man)All right, good job,good job.

(man)Good job, family.

You did good.

Give me two seconds,Mama.

I'm gonna talk to King,we'll be out there in a second.

Give me a kiss, baby.

Now I'm finally mustering upthe courage to tell my son

that I'm going away.

This is whatI didn't want to do.

But I would hate for him to hearit through somebody else,

or I'd justup and be gone like that.

Daddy not gonna seeyou for a little while.


Daddy got ina little bit of trouble.

Daddy gotta go somewherewhere babies can't come.

Daddy, I want youto stay here.

Daddy would love tostay here with you.

I don't want tobe nowhere else.

They making Daddygo away.

I'm gonna be gonefor a little while, okay?

I just want you to knowhow much I love you.

You know that?

Who your best friend?


You ain't gonna tell methat to my face?


Don't cryfor that matter.

All right,who my best friend?

Don't cry, baby, don't cry,all right?

Give Daddya hug, all right?

Daddy's gonna writeyou letters

and send youpictures, okay?


You're not madat Daddy, are you?

Thank you.

Daddy make it up for youwhen I come home, okay?

I promise.