• Season 5, Ep 16

Scrappy Proposes To Bambi

In front of all their closes friends and family members, Scrappy gets down on one kneww and asks Bambi to marry him.

07/25/2016 ยท 3:21

(Bambi)Why am I here?

(Scrappy)You been saying youwant me to step it up.

I call thisstepping it up.

You feel me? Yes?

It's a wide open space.

Got the waterfallright here.

You can have a stage.You know what I'm saying?

You get up here,rapping your stuff.

Bam been tripping on mefor years, shawty,

you know what I'm saying,about not putting her on.

That why she got madand took the dog back

when she found outI'm messing with Betty Idol.

But now I'm finna showI can step it

all the way up,you feel me?

And then we cansit right here in the middle

and we can just dance.

I thought it was gonnabe a stage right here.

I'm not gonna lie,I thought it was kinda cute

that has this big visionfor me performing and all this.

I mean, it's a nice gesture,but he needs to really wow me

so I can really believe that

he's gonna be committedto this relationship.


How are you guys?

Good.How y'all doing?

(Rasheeda)Scrappy has made somegrand master plan

to win Bambi back,

and he wants me and Kirkto be a part of it.

So all we can say is,

what you need usto do, Scrap?

We're here this time.

(Tiarra)Momma Dee's here, too.

Ernest is here.

After I gave Ernestthe one-dollar bill,

he didn't pack his bags.

It really meansa lot to me.

Me and Ernest marriageis on the mends for right now.

We're gonna work things out,just between the two of us.

After all, it was the two of usthat said, "I do."

I don't know what you up to,but I love you.

I love you, too, Ma.


(Bambi)What the (bleep)is Tammy doing here?

Just because my love lifeisn't going according to plan

doesn't meanI've given up on love.

(Scrappy)Ma Dukes in the house!

(laughing)Mama... What is this?

(Bambi)What are you doing?

Lovin' you, boo boo.

(Scrappy)Now, I can't reallysee my life without Bam.

You knowwhat I'm saying?

I done invited some friendsand some fams

from hers and mines,

to let everybody knowand her know

that I love the Bam!

Do y'all knowwhy y'all here?


You know, she sayI don't support her.

She say I'm selfish.

This is to show themthat I really, really love you.

(Bambi)To show them?

I just wantedto just tell her

in front of y'allthat I love her.

Aww...You feel me?

Can I do it, Ma?Can-- is it--

Can-- do yougive me permission

to do this, 'causeI'm trying to do this.


I'm tryingto do it.

You have my blessing.


Bam...will you marry me?

Will you, now?

Gonna marry me?What's happening?


(laughter and applause)

Huh?Would you marry me?

Did you say yes?Yes.

She said yeah.

(cheering and applause)

Give me your hand, boo.

(laughing)It's this hand.

Oh, my... well,and it fits!

Oh, my God,you did a good job.


Yeah. Mmm.

(Momma Dee)Last year, my sonput his feelings aside

about me and Ernest.

So it's only rightthat I put my feelings aside

and be down for my son.


I wish him all the lovewith the Bam.

Yes, I said it.The Bam.

She is what she is.I can't take that away.

(pop, all cheer)

And I can't take awayhow my son feels about her.

I love my son,and my love for Bam

is gonna grow.

But just know,I will be watching.

Let me just say this.

We all deserve to be loved.


(overlapping chatter)