• Season 5, Ep 17

Tiny Gets Closure

The medium has finally hit her mark, and is able to give Tiny the closure she's been searching for after the passing of her nephew and father.

08/22/2016 ยท 2:20

What do you guyswant to know?


Okay. Um, and bythe way, oh,

should I say this?Okay.

So, what I'm beingshown right now is,

you probably have20 little boys,

young men, whateverwe're calling them...

Oh, my God....after you,

but you have twoin particular right now

vying for your attention.


That's what I'm talkingabout there.Oh, that's great!

Right?That's the truth!

So, that's whatI feel with you.

But it's interesting,

'cause they can see iton the other side.

I know, it sounds ridiculous.When I pic--

(Memaw)Hmm, uh-oh.Seriously?

Papaw's telling yousomething.That's right.

He's here now.This is Papaw's baby.

He probably wouldn'twant you to have nobody.

Now, it looks likethis medium

is starting to hither mark after all.

What I'm feeling insideyour house here,

when I'm lookingat the energy,

I feelyour husband here.

I feel like the last partof his life,

you were missingthe romantic side of it.

Yeah, he had been sickfor a long time.

Because this is whatI'll say for you.

I'm picking up on howhe felt about you.

He was very attractedto you.

And I just want you to knowthat that was very much

a part of whoyou were for him.

I know you don't wantanother man...

Mm-mm....but I feel like

he wants to bring you thatas a gift.

I know thatsounds strange,

but I'm talkingfor your happiness

while you're here.(Niq Niq) Right.

(Sloan)And I'm seriouswhen I say that.

(Tiny)You get it.You hit it on the nose.

(Niq Niq)So, where is Christopherchilling at?

Christopher seems--Okay.

You're funny."Where's he chilling at."

When I pick up onChristopher's energy,

I'm feeling his passing,although accidental,

he was comfortable withwhat he'd accomplished

is how I would word that,

is what it feels liketo me.

Like, he doesn't want youto be sad,

'cause he's not sad.

But when you askedwhere he's chilling,

like, do you see himaround you guys?

So, if you need him,

he'll come through to you,and especially you.

Cool.What you can do is,

if you light candlesand talk to him,

and let him knowyou'll miss him

but you're comfortablewith it, they hear that.

So, if you speak to him,you'll feel him.

(Tiny)I'm happy we met withthe medium.

She did a great jobreminding us that

we can connectwith our loved ones.

They may not be ableto talk back,

but they're alwaysthere to listen,

'cause family is family,

whether they're right herewith us,

or on the other side.

Thank youfor having me.

It's really beena pleasure.Thank you for coming.

You helped us a lot,you really did

give us somegreat information.

(Memaw)Except for one thing!

Except for--you tell me, go.What, Mama?

I'm not gettin'no man.

Memaw, you don't knowwhat the future holds.

(Sloan)No, you'll be blown away.