• Season 3, Ep 9 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 9: And Let The F***ery Begin!

Jason Lee, Brandi, and Moniece recap how Brandi got Jason Lee onto her good side while Safaree, Lyrica, and A1 breakdown the chaos that occurred at the BBQ when A1 gave Lyrica G a waist trainer.

10/10/2016 · 8:35

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This scene you're about to seeis Lil Brandi

being the Chihuahua that she is.

I think you're supposedto wait for everybodyelse to come

before youstart eating.

Why would she wait?She has no etiquette.

Or life training.

Third-world grammarequals third-world etiquette.

He better be happyI brought him a little gift.

You got him a gift?

I should be happy?

You should be happyI came to see you.

I-- I know wegonna be clear now.

Jason!Hey, how are you?

I look good.All right.

(Princess)How are you?

Hey, Jason.

How are you?I'm here.

Oh, I like--He shook it.

Last time I saw you, I was therecipient of a cold beverage.

I have a little somethingfor you.Okay.

Let's seewhat you got.

Jason, I only getmy husband gifts.

Only man thatgets gifts from me.


So is this... some shade or--They're shades.

Those were expensivedesigner glasses.

They're fromher Insta boutique.

So when I heardyou wanted this receipt,

which is a big receipt...

Why would I give that away

for something that hadnothing to do with me?

On top of it,with somebody who

didn't even apologizefor what they did.

I'm not gonna sit up hereand play (bleep) games.

I want that mother(bleep) tape, and yes, yes,

it's a big goddamn receipt,but I'm gonna tell you,

I'm a (bleep)boss bitch and...

Ugh!It's not a bad thingto (bleep) with me, and when...

You know, when Brandi claims

that she's a boss bitch,I feel...


And drooling.

Girl, bye.

No boss has to stealfrom her baby.

Now, if you really want it,

maybe there's somethingwe can do.

What can I do for you...

Listen...Mr. Jason Lee?

Let me say this.

Princess, you betterstop laughing,

you know this is not funny.

I think you have somethingthat I know would move meat.

Oh, God.What is this?

Growing up as a kid, I had thismovie that I was in love with.

And the (bleep)is about to begin.

When the princess came inthe room and she said,

I would do whatever you likeand he said,

hop on one legand bark like a dog.

Did he just tell herto bark like a dog?

Come on, Chihuahua.Time to get up.

I don't really(bleep) with Jason,

but that is very befitting.



With her hand out.

How desperate are you?



Her no beckys shirt,

it's not reallyhelping her campaign.

She needs to come with somethinga little bit more efficient.

She needs to come way harder

and she needs to comeway smarter.

Did she misspell beckys?


You have a deal.All right, you have a deal.

They call me messy.

I just like to have fun.

Can't we just have fun?

You're my friend now?I'm your friend.

Brandi and I aren't friends,but we're cool.

I mean, if I see her on thestreet and she needs a ride,

I'm definitely gonna give hermoney to get on the bus.

No, I'm just playing.I'ma give her a ride.

I kept my word.

I... Just need to know.

Are you really...

I never make a promisethat I don't keep.

This is about to bethe biggest receiptof the year.

It's a cold daywhen your enemies link up.

I didn't know that Jasonwas my enemy,

but hey, this is Hollywood.

They all smile in your faceand the minute you turn around,

they're ready to (bleep)shank you, prison style.

The next sceneyou're about to see

is A1 stirring and servingthis mama beef.

This is what the hell hestarted, straight up mama beef.

You know, I started upthe word mama beef.

Yeah, I did create mama beef.

Tell someone to cut mea check for that.

Mama beef.


Hi, how are you?The lovely, Mrs. BeautifulTeairra Mari.

Oh, thank you so much.

How you doing?

I'm good, how are you?

Ooh, your eyes is poppingin the light.

Like, the sun...Thank you, thank you.

They look like,green and brown.

Yeah, they change colorsometimes.Safaree, little flirt.

All right, don't be tryingto hypnotize me, though.

I mean, Safaree is my boy,so I could sit Safaree down

and just give hima little bit of game

on how to come to the ladies.

Come true.

Come true.

Of course not.

Lighten up.Damn, Teairra.

I'm trying to compliment you,

you talking about,of course not.

You're lucky.

Chicken for you.

Yeah, you know,I be doing my thing.

So who--Who cooked this food?

Believe it or not, I can cookand I can give good (bleep).



So Lyrica's talking about giving

good (bleep)and cooking well

in front of her mother-in-law.


I mean, it's true.

I'm a good cookand I give bomb (bleep).

So I said it.

I'm proud.

Pam should be proud thather son found a woman

that can do two thingsthat matter in a marriage.

You take it too far!


Hey!Hi, girl.

What you say?How you doing?

(talking over one another)

(Lyrica)Hey, don't kiss me,with that red lipstick.


Why you coming herelooking like that?

You got--You got the glow.

I didn't knowthat I was looking...

(Teairra)You look good.(Lyrica)Yeah, you look (bleep).

Really?(talking over one another)



Lyrica senior.

You never know.

I brought us hereso we can have a good time.

You know, me and my wife,we happily married.

And I'm happy to be here'cause you my son

and this my daughter-in-lawand that's her mother.There you go.

Can you let this mansay what he's saying?What?

I mean, I'm saying it,I'm just saying

I'm so happythat you accepted it.

Right, I been accepted it.You know,and I'm-- I'm happy

that you learningto accept it too, as well.It isn't about--

I mean, you learningright now.Learning to acceptthe fact that she--

(woman)She gotta accept now.She do gotta accept it.

And you've not even eversaid to me, I am sorry,

I apologize, I didn't intendto hurt you.

You've neversaid that to me, A1.

I don't like how you--you sat Lyrica down and said,

you know, the only way thatI'm gonna accept this marriage

is if y'allpay for my lipo.

Pay for my lipo, (bleep)!

What you think this is?

You wanna marry my daughter?Pay for my lipo, boy!

Since you thinkI'm not thoughtful,

I did bring you something,at a lower cost...

And I hopethis work for you.Yeah.

A waist trainer.Oh!

He could actually usea waist trainer himself.

That's actually an insult.

Teairra, do not start.

Mind your business.

Tell 'em, Teairra.

See, Teairra,you started it.

She wouldn't have tookthat much offense to it.

I ain't gonnaeven dignify that.

How is this disrespectful?

I think it'sdisrespectful for you

to give your mother-in-lawa waist trainer,

but I would have gladly takenthat waist trainer.

Hot pink, too?

Yes, boo,in the gym like what.

'Cause you don't give no womanno (bleep) waist trainer.

(Lyrica)Let me talk, let me talk.

That's like telling herthat she's (bleep) fat.

Teairra look likeshe was about to start singing.

She said, waist trainer?

...fat ass mamato wear it.

(bleep) you!(bleep) you!Hey, don't do that.

(A1)Yo...You know what?

(talking over one another)

Look at Safaree!Oh, my God--

He's like,what have I stepped into?

Why am I here?

I'm so embarrassed thatSafaree's just

sitting right therein the middle of it.

I prepped him, though,

but I didn't think it was gonnabe like that at the barbecue.

'Cause she got a bellyhanging over her--

Give it to her.You need it!

I'm not gonna be no bitch!

I'm not gonna be no bitch!Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey...

I would definitely give someonea waist trainer as a gift.

I'd give 'em a waist trainer,

I'd give 'em tube socks.

You need that gut sucked in,you gonna get a waist trainer.

If your calves too big,

I'm gonna get youa calf trainer.

We need to get somethingsorted out.

If you need that extra,extra lift in your butt,

I'm getting you the booty shortswith the booty lift

with the booty pad,the but pads in it.

There's no-- There's noboundaries on a gift.

Be grateful.

Be grateful someone was eventhinking about your ass.