• Season 5, Ep 15 · Bonus

Tammy and Scrappy Have A Heart-To-Heart (Extended Scene)

Tammy and Scrappy have a thought-provoking conversation about men and women in relationships.

07/18/2016 · 1:52


We are different.We are.

You know what I'm saying?Men are different.

We don't react how y'allreact to things.

And Scrap, do you thinkwe don't know that?

Out of all the craziness wedone been through with y'all.You don't think we know that?

You gotta, you gottalook at it like this

like, if you a manand you famous--

Can I get yousomething to drink?

Yes, can I geta double shot--

Ooh.Yeah, I need it.

(laughing)You feel me?

Like, for real.

You start early.

Yes, man,like, I-I when

I tell you I need it, I need it.You know what I'm saying?

'Cause as-- What I'm sayin'as a man, like, we be, you know,

we flawed like hell.

Y'all stronger than us,you know what I'm saying?

That's why y'all canhave babies and stuff.You know what I'm saying?

Yeah.We can't donone of that.

Thank God.But I'm just saying...(laughing)

Like, you know,for-- okay,

if I have sex withanother woman.

It don'tmean nothing.I don't care...

I don't-- no-no, I don'tcare, but like...

That girl,it don't mean nothing.

I love you.Like, the girldoesn't care about me.

You feel what I'm saying?But just still,but you just imagine

the thought of Bambibeing with another man.

It makes yourbody cringe right?

Suplex.You're stomach hurt.

Somebody gonnatake the suplex.

Somebody gonna getpowerbombed off the table.You see though?

See?And the third rope.

You see whatI'm saying?Real talk.

So, just admit thatwe feel the same way.


We do.It hurts us just as much.No.

Whether we know y'alllove them

or don't care or notit still hurts us.

We don't care...Okay, listen.

As a man, you feel me?

You know, we are likesome different creatures.

Like we...

Y'all indecisive.

I mean, as a young man,you feel me?

'Round that areayou like just going crazy.

'Cause you're still young.

You still wanna keep upand see if you still got it.

Yeah, you just wanna see--But you want to move onto a grown man, but you can't.

But you can't still haveyour cake and eat it too.

You have tolet go everything

and say this iswhat I'm gonna do.

'Cause I'm tryingto tell you--I feel like it's a one sided--

It's not aone sided thing.

I'm just telling youfrom experi--

I'm trying to getyou an inside

from, from how we feelfrom our standpoint.