• Season 3, Ep 2

Shanda vs. Kyesha

When Shanda and Willie meet with Kyesha again, Shanda can't handle the lies and ends up hitting Kyesha across the table.

08/22/2016 ยท 3:38

Willie and I have taken a hugestep backwards.

I know he's done somethingstupid,

but this (bleep) is just notadding up.

On one hand, she's telling me

they've been hooking upfor ten years.

But on the other hand,

he's telling me it's justtext messages.

One, if not both, of thesemother (bleep) are lying,

but I just want to takeone more stab

at getting some truthout of it.

This time, we're all gonna sitdown in a very civilized manner,

and I'm gonna finally get someanswers I want.

And then I'm gonna figure outhow I want to move on

and proceed in my marriage.

This mother (bleep).

I just knew I had to takethis meeting.

Willie been living a double lifefor the last 12 years,

and I'm sick of hiding ourrelationship.

Shanda needs to knowthe truth,

and today, I'm hereto let her know

what's really been going on.

Why are you here?

All we want to know isthe truth at this point.

I don't feel like, you know,having no conversationabout (bleep).

My question to you...Okay.

Since there was a baby,what happened?

Where is this baby?Okay.

The reason whyI lost the baby,

because you was pregnantat the same time.

Why would you lose the baby?I don't understand.

Because I was so stressed outbecause he was lying.

The things I lied about,I already talked to my wifeabout, now you come on--

Why are you lying, Lucky?Why are you lying?

Look, don't call me Lucky.That (bleep) was dead years ago.

Why not?Don't call me (bleep).

That's in the text messages,too, because I still--

I don't give a (bleep).I don't give a (bleep).

Yo, that's cool, I told her,text messages.

Look, I'm not changingmy story.

I ain't seen Kyesha in overten years.

(bleep) crazy.

She came out here to dropall this bull (bleep)

on my wife, for what?

I did send her some (bleep) upass text messages, I did,

and I'm wrong for that (bleep).

But all this (bleep) shebringing in my life right now,

man, this mother (bleep)chick should haul her assright back to Chicago.

Why are you here?Why are you here?

You came here for what?

What I'm here for, becauseWillie is a liar.

Yes, we did meet upon December 12th of 2015

at the Red Roof Inn Hotel.

Okay.Yes, we did.

Were we in Chicago then?And we did have sex.

Yes-- No, Shanda was in L.A.

And not only that--How do you know where I was?

Because he told me.You a (bleep) liar.

Did--Did you come--

And guess what?It's more to come.

You saw me and--It ain't just me, Shanda.

I don't give a (bleep)about that!

Worry about you, bitch,worry about you!


I love her and I don't givea (bleep) about you!

You not a side mother (bleep)--

You know howyou (bleep) back

and you know how I (bleep) madeyour ass (bleep) like that!

Why are you here?

I was still in love with you!

Guess what?I still (bleep) him!

You will (bleep) who?

I still (bleep)your (bleep) ass

and make your ass (bleep)within two seconds again!

Just take this ho out of here.I ain't got time for it.

Ho! Ho!

Stand right hereand call me a ho.

Stand right hereand call me a ho.

Get your goofy assup out of here.

Goofy?I'll show your ass goofy!

Try me, try me.

Try me, try me.


Yes, I am stillin love with his ass!

For more than 12 years,

Willie been telling methat he loves me.

If this dumb bitch thinkI'm about to fall back,

she dead wrong.

I came to L.A. to getthe truth out.

Trust and believe, I'm notleaving until I get it out.

Let's go.Let's go.I know, y'all!

Can we stop now?

You're so (bleep) stupid.

I'm not proud of the factthat I went for her,

but when that bitch said,"Oh, Willie, I still love you,"

I just went with my firstreaction.

The truth of the matter is,

I've heard enoughfrom these two.

They're both liars in my book.

At this point,I don't give no (bleep).


What I did, I did.I'm not trying to justify it.

I wanted the truthto come out.

(bleep) the bull (bleep).

The truth is...The truth--

Both of you mother (bleep)are lying.

I can't (bleep) talkto no liar at this point.