• Season 3, Ep 6 · Bonus

Masika Recaps Giving Birth To Moniece and Nia

After Masika talks about giving birth and going back to work, Moniece warns Masika about working with Max Lux.

09/19/2016 · 2:25


She only cries for foodand love. That's it.That's it?

But I can'tput her down, so...

You betterbreak that now,

or they end up sleepingwith you 'til they're 50.

I'm kind of okaywith that, though.

No, you're not.

When you wake upin the middle of the night

'cause you gothead-butted in your sleep

or you get a footin the neck...Or a foot in your nose.

Or you're sweating profuselyand you don't know why,

and then you wake upand there's, like, a baby

sprawled out on you, exceptthey're not a baby anymore,

they're, like,little grown-ups.

Her dad bought herthis, like,

million-dollar crib,and she'll probably

sleep in itwhen she's, like, four.But he was there?

Yeah, he actuallydropped everything

and flew in,'cause she was early.

So, I'm literally dying,having contractions.

I get my epidural and Ipass the (bleep) out.

So, when I woke up,he was there.

And the doctorcomes and checks me.

He's like, "Let's go."

I pushed her out in,like, six minutes.I wish.

Whatever, bitch.You don't have to brag.

I don't remembermuch of anything.

I just know theyhanded her to me

and then we werejust, like,

staring at herfor the whole day

and just... it was...uhh! Oh, my gosh.

She was so cute. Shewas little and slimy.

So, how did you feel,like, overall,

having him there.Like, were you relieved?

Like, ultimately,like, what does that,

like, mean to you,like, that he made it?

Yeah. I mean, we wentthrough a lot.

He put me througha whole lot.

And the good thing is,

even when we weren'tgetting along,

he always wanted to bethere for the birth,

which, you know, is a reallyimportant thing to me,

'cause it's like,that's his first time

bonding with her.Yeah.

And seeing herand being there.

Like, I'm doingall this work.

You need to beright here.

I'm pushingyour kid out,

and it'sdefinitely work.

Speaking of which,

I am getting backto work already.

You know, I wasin hiding for so long

during my pregnancy.

I'm back in the studio.I'm actually

about to get inwith Lambo Lux.

I think his real nameis Max Lux.

I worked with hima couple years ago

and he reached out to meand he was like, "Hey."

Are you sure it was himthat reached out

and not his crazy-assbitch of a wife?

I've never met her.That part.

She has a tendencyto do that.

Well, I'm notgonna worry about

what some crazy bitch

might possibly doif I go to work.

'Cause you would...Like, you literally

would think, like, girl,it's not that bad.

You're crazy, so you shouldalready know. Like, no.

She'll tell you.She experienced it with me.

She's on a... huhh! So,I'm just saying, look out.

That's all I'm saying.