• Season 3, Ep 8 · Bonus

Shanda Catches Up With Her Sisters

Shanda meets up with her three sisters to update them on what's been going on between her and Willie.

10/03/2016 · 2:57



Why's you crying already?

Why you crying?


Stop, hey.

What's up?You got us crying.

I miss y'all so much.

...so much.

You look good.You came through.

I am so happy y'all came here'cause I need y'all so bad.

We wanted to be herewith you, girl.

So let me tell y'allwhat's going on.

So y'all know I'm startingmy music back up and everything.

So I'm in the studiowith Blaze.

Y'all remember Blaze?Yeah.

We in the studio,we vibing, listening to music

and this random bitch walks in.


And she goes,"Well, do you want to know

what your husband's been doing?"

And she gave me this envelope...of text messages

that they've had.


In 2015, November.

I'm upset becausehe didn't tell you.

She came--And she had to come you.

He sat across the tablefrom this ho.


Willie and I, we sat acrossthe table from this ho,

and he still denied it,

denying the factthat they every met up.

Text messages,it was only text messages.

Willie, you're gonna keepthis bitch across from me

and we're still talkingand you're still yelling

and telling me thatit was just a text messages?

Willie, knock it off.

It was morethan the text messages.

And then she go,"But, Willie, I still love you."


(bleep), are you serious?

Two thousand and--

I had--No, they had sex in 2015.

So she think it's hope.

I don't knowwhat he's told her.

I don't know any of that.

And then the biggest partabout this situation,

she's attacking me.

Like, she's following me,she's stalking me

(bleep) on my social media,she know my whereabouts.

This bitch attacked meat my performance.

Wait, what?

All of a sudden,she has a "rapping career".

She a rapper?

Is she a rapper now?

(all laughing)

She created a diss record.

And then she literallycaught me off guard,

and she attacked me.

Like, literally, like (bleep).

Bull, ragging bull.

And the bitch pulledmy (bleep) wig off.

I'm pissed the (bleep) off.

That (bleep) was not--you know down...

(all laughing)


That (bleep) was not pinned down

because I thought I was justcoming to get my glory,

do my little song.

The showcasecome out good though?

I mean, I don't know.

(all laughing)

'Cause all I know is my wigwas not on my head.

To be perfectly honest,like, you know,

Willie's (bleep) up a lot.

But he's told me.

So the question now,what are you guys gonna do?

You have to talk to him,

ask him are we gonna keepplaying these games

or are we gonna work this out?