• Season 5, Ep 16

Joseline Throws A Drink On Mimi

At Ariane's listening party, Joseline lashes out at Mimi by throwing multiple drinks her way.

07/25/2016 ยท 2:52

(Ariane)Say hi, everybody.

God damn!

(Mimi)I cannot believe Arianewould invite

this lying Satan's spawnto her party.

After everythingStevie and I go through,

I know that there's alwaysgonna be

some sort of love there.

And that's why she's so bitterand has this hatred for me,

because she knows that manloves me for real.

(D. Smith)Ariane, thank youso much for inviting.

(Betty Idol)Me and D had to excuse ourselves

because we could tell

that it was about to getkind of catty.

Come on, let's go.

Put on your mittens,kittens,

because it'sabout to go down.

and I'm gonna get the hellout of here.

Can you sit over there,so I can get some...


(Ariane)I invited Joseline as a gestureto K. Michelle.

But she rolls in late,she misses my music,

and it's like a (bleep) darkcloud descends on the party.

I'm totally regrettingthe fact that I invited her.

I just hope that everyonecan behave like adults

and try to be civil.

(Dawn)Why everybody uptight?What's going on?

This was not happeninga few minutes ago.

I got Joseline outto come out and support,

but it's like everybodyseems tense.

Everybodywas perfectly fine.

I'm sure you was fine, right,with your fake ass.

(Mimi)I surely was.

You're a fake-ass bitch.

My fake ass?

(Joseline)You're a fake-ass bitch.

Now you fooling with my--

You-- you don't likewhen I--

You're a lyingfake-ass bitch at that.

Do you like whenI take your husband

and give himback to you?

You wasn't takingmy husband, sweetheart.

Oh, no!

No, no,no, no, no!

(Joseline)Oh, no, give me the drink!

You like that,don't you, bitch?

(overlapping shouting)

You're mad 'cause I tookyour mother(bleep)!

And he marry me, (bleep)!And every time--

And I give him back...(bleep) 'cause I married--

You were never married,bitch!

This girl is in Disneylandin her (bleep) brain!

She still thinksshe's married?

But in case you can't hear,or maybe, I don't know,

can't understand(bleep) English,

let me spell it outfor you.

You are not M-A-R-R-I-E-D.


You're a nothing-ass bitch!

Stupid slut!

Yeah, I got a man!

You don't have(bleep), bitch.

Mimi, get down!Let's go!

Don't tell meto (bleep) go!

(bleep) that bitch!

She needs to beescorted out.

Then escortthat bitch out!

I ain't goin' nowhere, ho!

Right, neither am I!Face me, then, ho!

Right here, bitch!

They can't save youtonight, ho.

I don't neednobody to save me.

I'll (bleep)your ass up once.

Get your (bleep) whack assthe (bleep) out of here, bitch!

(overlapping shouting)

Why you mad, bitch?!

I wanna whoop your ass,you fake-ass ho!

Stupid-ass slut.


(Mimi)I'll be damnedif I mother(bleep)

run awayfrom the bitch.

I am not (bleep)scared of you.

If I could say one lastparting word...

(bleep) you, bitch.

And you wanna sit and believethis dumb-ass ho

like it's gonna be some(bleep) reconciliation....

Don't you(bleep) yell at me.

You (bleep) knowthe animosity

that this bitch got!

You know it.