• Season 3, Ep 7

Lyrica G Blames A1 For Forcing Lyrica To Get Married

While stopping by the house, Lyrica G makes it very clear that she blames A1 for the elopment and that she should have been included in the wedding.

09/26/2016 ยท 3:07

(Lyrica G.)Ever since Lyrica and A1got married behind my back,

I'm beyond furious.

There was just no excusefor me not to be there.

All I want to do is justget my dogs and go.


She ain't here.

I was just comingto get the dogs.

Hey, how you doing?I mean...

I'm good, I'm good,how are you?

Clearly, you inyour feelings, still.

Really, A1?Clearly.

(A1)The way Lyrica's mama

reacted at our reception partywas completely unacceptable.

I just don't thinkthat she gets

that her reactionspushed us to this point.

Listen, I'm not here to havea confrontation with you.

We should talk about it.Like, how long is thisgonna go on?

You don't get it,do you?

No, I don't get it.

That's why I'm saying, like,explain to me what it--

Like, what is it thatyou really feeling?

It didn't occur to you thatthat would be hurtful?

We just decided together

that we want to go, you know,and elope, without anybody.

It didn't have nothingto do with nobody.

First of all, Idon't believe that Lyrica

would have gone throughwith this...

So you're sayingI forced her?

...on her own initiative.

I don't believe thatshe did this willingly.

Why are you trying to make itseem like that I did that?

It was a mutual agreement.

Initiated by you.


(A1)Of course.

It's all my damn fault.

What, you think,I kidnapped her?

I don't know why Lyrica's momcan't just check her attitude

and accept the fact that Lyricajust made her own decision.

I should have had a--at least the option to come.

But we didn'twant nobody involved.

We wanted to do whatwe wanted to do as a couple.

So you give my daughtera $2 wedding

after being engagedfor two-and-a-half years.

A $2 wedding?

Yeah, that's a $2 wedding.

The ring cost...

a whole lot.

I'm not talkingabout the ring.

So...It could have been bigger,

in my eyes,but it's what you did.

Oh, you crazy.But A1, again...

my only issue is,I wasn't there.

This is my only child,

so thereis only one time

for a weddingfor my daughter.

Even if you do it again...

I get it....she's already married.

It's done.

It's done, like youjust said, it's done.

You know what?Can I get the dogs?

I'm tired of going overthis with you.

Where are the dogs?

I don't even know.I think Lyrica took 'em.

Where are the dogs?I'm going to get my dogs.

Oh, no, no, no.They not even back there.

Where are they?I know what you can have.

What can I have?

You can have this picture.

(glass shatters)

That's what I careabout your picture.

Don't play with me, A1.

It's gonna bea whole lot of more...

And I don't care!Stop--

...photos and memoriesthat you gonna miss out.

Why are you taunting me?Why are you doing this?

You can excuse yourself.

Well, guess what?And I'm done.

I'm done, too.I'm done, I'm done.

Not today.I'm not gonna keepbickering with you.

(whistling)Come on, come on.

Good girl. Come on.

Y'all hitting the parkwith me today.