• Season 5, Ep 10

Scrapp Shares Some Final Moments With His Family

Before heading into the courtroom, Scrapp says goodbye to his family during his final moments as a free man.

06/06/2016 · 1:23

It's about that time for meto face the music.

Pretty much my whole entirefamily is here to support me,

from my mom and mylittle brother,

all my aunts,my uncles and everybody

and all my cousinsand relatives.

Seeing all the peoplethat was there to support me,

it actually made me feel good,

it made me feel gratefulthat I'm so loved.

This whole time,I've been trying to be

as strong as possibleand keep it together,

not just for me,but for my entire family.

But today... this one mightdo it right here.

(woman)Oh, most graciousand Heavenly Father...

we come to you on this day

with hearts heavy,Father God,

but still withthanksgiving in our hearts.

Keep him safe,Heavenly Father.

Wrap him within the comfort of

your warm embrace,Heavenly Father.

You are always there.

You always love himand You always have

his bestinterest at heart.

And we say amen.


(Sas)When me and mybrother was hugging,

I really didn't want tolet go.

It's probably gonna be ourlast chance to say goodbye

before he go hollerat the judge,

and I need him here with me.

I really don't know how long hegonna get when he go inside

this courtroom,but even one day is too long.

I would just tell people to lookat my situation

as a learning experience,

and as young men, we gotta knowhow to make sound decisions,

because the fast wayain't always the best way

and you always gottakeep in mind

the people that youaffect when you're gone.

(man)All rise.