• Season 3, Ep 3

Max Learns The Truth About Brandi's Investment

At the grand opening of her store, Brandi confesses to Max about show she invested their son's money.

08/29/2016 ยท 2:12

I want you to be happyright now,

because this is all for you.

Where youget the money?

That's the part I-- no.

That's the what?

The money is already--okay.


What the (bleep), dude?

So the... the tw--

the 27,000that you had...

I know you not talkingabout my son's money.

...for Brandus' CD...

I know you didn't lie

and say you weretaking money for my son.

(Brandi)My mom never took meto the bank because--

You took my son money...

and you lied about wherethe (bleep) you was going.

Lied to Princess and Ray.

Talking about youshopping for dresses,

and you doing (bleep).


B. been on my headfor months

about letting hercontrol the savings

'cause I spend moneytoo fast.

So the fact that she wouldgo out, invest in a store,

and not tell meis some real foul (bleep),

and it just goes to showyou can never trust nobody.

Come back in here,don't leave in the middleof the store--

I'll talk to you later.In the middle of the store!

(Princess)I feel for Brandi,

but I honestly can't

blame Max for being madright now.

He's got 27,000 reasonsto be upset.

Brandi might have thoughtshe was doing something good

for the family,but you just can't go

and do those kind of thingsby yourself.

Let me ask you a question:When the (bleep) I evertold you no?

No! It's not about--When I ever said no?

When the (bleep) haveI ever said no?

So why would you spendsome money for my son

and not tell me whatthe (bleep) you doing?

Because I didn'tthink you would--

You sound stupidright now.

I didn't wanna tell you--All right.

I'm gonna pay youall the money back!

I'm not done talking to you.No, I'm good.

What is you doing?

It's for our son.

No! No!

(Max)Don't do that.

Don't-- get off mymother(bleep) car.

You are notgoing to leave me.Really?

You want me to go to jailin Inglewood?

No!So get the (bleep)off my car.

Go, go, go, yeah.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Get the (bleep) off.

I know he's upset,

and I know he wantsto leave.

I just need him to stay.

It has to be explained thatthat money

is going to beput back, and more.

No! No! No! No!(Max)Dude...

I swear to God.No, no!

No! No!No, no, no!

(Brandi, sobbing)I swear to God,I swear to God,

I don't want thisto end like this.