• Season 3, Ep 7

Princess Puts Ray J In The Hot Seat

At the grand opening of Ray J's retail store for Scoot-E-Bike, Princess pops up ready to get married now...with no planning required.

09/26/2016 ยท 3:33

(Ray J)Finally, we here.

This is the first daywe are opening up

our retail storefor Scoot-E Bike.

Online sales have beenout of control.

We had to open up a storejust so people could buythe bike in stock.

Now it's up to usto just push the product

and sell it and sell itand sell it,

and get it up to wherewe need it to be.

(indistinct chatter)

(Ray J)What's up, fam?

Raytroniks.You know it!

I told you.Ray J, Ray just--

How you doing?Hi, I'm good.

You good?Your man in the flesh.

Man, I'm tryingto do it, urban tech.

You see the bikes,right?

You see, I got the girl ones,

the pink ones,the red and black ones.

Gotta geta pink one for her,

she's talking aboutshe want an all-pink.

Yeah, you knowI want a pink one.

Tell her to call Princess.

Yeah, yeah.Please get Princess.

Where is Princess?Where's my friend?

Princess.Prin, you know.

Princess, man,she should--

She, you know,she ain't here.

What'd you do?

I missed the cake tasting.

And then she mad at me,I'm like, damn, I...

'Cause she wants some help.

I know, but I thought--She needs some help.

Tell me this, tell me.When you get--

When you get married,right, don't--

don't the woman supposedto do with it, like...

She's supposed tolay that whole--

I mean, it's mostly our thing,yeah, but we want some help.

Have you helped at all?

I helped.I helped with the budget.

But in order to do that,I gotta stay working.

Plenty of people have a goodbusiness and a happy home.

You right.

You know, I had a long timeto think about me and Princess

on this long-assScoot-E Bike ride

I had to take home,and you know what?

I'm just about to focus100% on the wedding

and what I need to doto make Princess happy.

I'm not gonna even ever mentionScoot-E Bike again to her.

You want me to renouncemy throne in here, I will.

Team Princess.You want meto renounce my throne?

I renounce my throne!

I am no longerthe king of Raytroniks!


After continuouslyasking Ray over and overto help me with the wedding,

I started to ask myself, whatam I fighting with him for?

If Ray doesn't want to help meplan a wedding, then hey,

we don't need a weddingto get married.

You know, I have to admit,this looks really nice.

I feel like thiscould be it, you know.

Just as long as I juststay consistent, focused,

you know, with yoursupport and help, man,I can do it.

But without it, I can't,you know, I can't.

And I support you 100%.

You know that.

And if you're notinto planning the wedding

and all the little stuff,the eating cake and tasting...

why not get married now?

(Nia)Oh, my gosh.

(Soulja Boy)Oh, (bleep).


(Princess)Lennaya here is afully-certified

wedding officiate.

(Lennaya)We could issue the marriagelicense on the spot and...

Hey...Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Come over here...real quick, please?

Let me talk to you.Excuse me, wedding planner.

Yeah, I missed a cake tasting,

and I missed a couple otherthings for the wedding.

I get it.But don't get it twisted, okay?

Ray J is notabout to get married

in my Scoot-E Bike retail storewith some weird

white lady looking at mewith some funky grin.

Cut the bull(bleep).I'm gonna make it work.

I want to dothe wedding planning,

I want to do the cake tasting,I want to do the mother(bleep)


You want me to be 50%?

Yes.You about to get 5,000%.

Oh, yeah?I promise, okay?

You about to seea whole new side of me,

a side of me that youhave never seen before.

I think I got my point acrossto Ray today.

He should know from now on,happy wife, happy life.

God bless.We got it now.

I'm officially about toput in the time, the work,

and everything else that'scentered around it, okay?

Look at me as the...future husband of hers,

but alsothe wedding planner.


1,000%, believe that.