• Season 3, Ep 1 · Bonus

Brandi Bad-Mouths Moniece To Fizz

When Fizz and Max are in the studio, Brandi pops up and tells Fizz about what went down between her and Moniece at the Mommies & Mimosas Brunch.

08/15/2016 · 3:26


Gosh, girl.That was exhausting.

Bitch, at least we made itto the top.


Sit here.


T, I'm so happy you came to workout with me, honey.

Yes, I been working out,but in cool gyms.

I know, but you look--you look great.Thanks.

What's been going on with you,bitch?

Girl, right now, I've justbeen in the studio.

How is your musicand stuff been going?

It's going really good.

I've just been recording,like, almost every day.

My daily routineis going to the gym

and then going to the studio.

I want to hear a new mixtape orsomething, album, something.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure.

That's what'sin the works, so...

Maybe I-- You could writeyou a little--

A rhyme or something.Okay.

You know I got a sexy voice.I'll do it.

Right, you can say--Bust a little sexy rhyme.

Put me in the interlude.Right, yeah.

This is Miss Nikki Baby.

You calling me ona sex hotline? Okay.

I love it.

That's all they gonna get.

So, what's beengoing on with you?

Girl, same, same, you know,just working and (bleep).

Just, you know, been stillseeing Drew and stuff,back and forth.

Oh, okay.

You jumped right intothe love life, okay.

Girl, I know that's what youwant to hear, your ass is nosy.

So y'all, like, might as wellget together, officially.

We went to dinner the othernight, actually, speaking of,

and he was telling me,you know, like,

I really want to takea step further

and be more seriousand all that.

But I feel like,you know, like,

is this really what you want,'cause you kinda, like--

Is it really what you want?

'Cause I feel like you'reholding the situation up.

Well, the thing is that, if I amgonna get serious with him,

Moniece is a part of his life,

and I don't have timefor no bull (bleep).Yeah, right.

If we are gonna try to do this,we gonna do it right,

and that includes her.Right.

And it's, like, we don'thave to be friends,

we don't have to hang out,

but you know, I do feel like Ideserve an apology, you know?


I just feel like we needto have a mutual respect.

It's just, you know, you weregoing through a lot last year,

she was going througha lot last year,

and it just kinda collided,you know, and exploded.

So I think she's inthe same space,

so I think it's a good timefor you all to talk.

Right. We have a conversation,and you know,

if we both speak on how we feel,and that's all we can do.

I would love that.

I'm gonna reach out to herand ask her about that.

Sure.And I just don't wantto be breaking up

no (bleep) fightsor no dumb (bleep).

No, girl, it ain't even nofight.I don't know why--

Oh, my God, it's a bugon your face.

You are lying to me!Teairra, where!

Ahh!Bitch, get it!

Don't do it! Aah!

Where?Oh, my God!

Bitch, get it.

You got it?Yes.

Did you play a joke?No, I promise--

Is this April's joke, bitch?No, bitch. It was a bug.

My God, I'm gonnathrow up.