• Season 3, Ep 9

A1 Checks Lyrica G

Things get out of control at the family BBQ when A1 denies Lyrica’s mom the liposuction surgery and gives her a waist trainer.

10/10/2016 · 3:01

Little bit ofchicken for you.

Yeah, you know,I be doing my thing.

So who cooked this food?

Believe it or not,I could cook and Ican give good (bleep).

(gasps and laughter)Okay?

(A1)Bigs, you're taking food...


Hey!Hi, girl.

What you say?How you doing?

Hey... mwah!

Hey, don't kiss me.You're making the red lips--


Why you come herelooking like that?

You got the glow.

I didn'tknow thatI was looking...

(Teairra)You look good as (bleep).

(Lyrica A.)Yeah, you look good (bleep).


(all groan)


(Lyrica G.)A woman of my agethat's with a grown daughter

and we go out and peoplethink we're sisters...

You know, I think it's just veryimportant to just be ageless.

I brought us hereso we can have a good time.

You know, me and my wife,we happily married.

And I'm happy to be herebecause you my son,

and that's my daughter-in-law,and that's her mother.

Can you let this mansay what he's saying?

I mean, I'm saying,I'm just saying I'm so happythat you accepted it.

Right, I beenaccepting it.

You know, and I'm--

I'm happy that you learningto accept it too, as well.

It isn't aboutlearning to accept

the factthat she's married.

She gotta acceptthat you married.

I still am feelingsome type ofway,

that you've not evenever said to me,

"If this hurt you,the way that we did this,

"I am sorry, I apologize.

I didn't intendto hurt you."

You've neversaid that to me, A1.

I don't like how you--you sat Lyrica down and said,

"You know, the only way thatI'm gonna accept this marriage

is if y'allpay for my lipo."

Well, let me tell yousomething.

It's not happening.Well, guess what?

It ain't your business.

I don't know if A1is on crack cocaine or what,

but to choose now to air outthe whole liposuction surgery

is not the wayto kill the mama beef.

Since you thinkI'm not thoughtful,

I did bring you somethingat a lower cost,

and I hopethis works for you.

A waist trainer.


That's actually an insult.

No man should ever give a womana waist trainer.

Not only does it tell a personthat you think they're fat,

but it also tells a personthat you think it mattersthat they're fat.

I ain't gonnaeven dignify that.

How is thisdisrespectful?

Because youdon't give no womanno (bleep) waist trainer!

That's like telling herthat she's (bleep) fat!

Tell your fat-ass mamato wear it.

(bleep) you! (bleep) you!

You know what?

(overlapping arguing)

I can't believethis is going on.

I'm feeling likethis is like an episode of

"Girls Gone Wild Bad Girls Club:The Mama Edition."

What the hell?

(overlapping arguing)

I don't care, she mentionedmy mother(bleep) name.I wasn't even talking!

(Lyrica A.)I cannot believe that A1

is embarrassing my mom like thisin front of all of these people.

But, to be honest, my momis no angel in this, either.

There's no reason for herand Pam to start arguing.

...anybody, she got bellyhanging over her--

Give it to her!You need it!

(overlapping arguing)