• Season 3, Ep 9

Brandi Begs Jason Lee For Moniece’s Sex Tape

When Princess and Brandi meet with Jason Lee, Brandi is willing to do anything to get her hands on Moniece’s sex tape.

10/10/2016 · 3:21

I think you're supposed to waitfor everybody else to come

before you start eating.

(Brandi)When Princess told methere was a sex tape

of Ho-niece out there,

I realized gold has struck.

But then Princess told meJason wouldn't give it to me,

so I knew I had to play niceand put on my best attitude,

so here I am meetingwith Jason to bury the beef.

He better be happy, I donebrought him a little gift.

You brought him a gift?

I was not playing.


I-- I know we gonnabe cool now.

I need Jason and Brandito play nice with each other

so that we can teachHo-niece never to have

our names in her mouth,ever again.

(Princess)Jason!Hi, how are you?

Hey.Hey, how are you?

How are you?Hey, Jason,how are you?

I'm here.Oh, I like--

He shook it.Present.

I didn't know,was you about to playand go like this.

Well, as long as youdon't go like that,

it's gonna be okay.You better stop, Jason.

The last time I saw you,

I was the recipientof a cold beverage.

I have a littlesomething for you.

Okay.Let's see what you got.

Jason, I only getmy husband gifts.

Only man that getsgifts from me.


So is this some shade, or...They're shades.

I'm not in the businessof charity.

Brandi's gonnahave to do a whole lot more

than hand me these shadesthat probably,

for all I know,came from Chinatown.

So when I heardyou wanted this receipt,which is a big receipt,

why would I give that awayfor something that hadnothing to do with me,

on top of it withsomebody who didn't evenapologize for what they did?

I'm not gonna sit up hereand play (bleep) games.

I want that mother(bleep)tape, and yes, yes,

it's a big goddamn receipt,but I'm gonna tell you,

I'm a (bleep) boss bitch,

and it's not a bad thingto (bleep) with me.

And when I tell you

I will be (bleep) loyalto the end,

that's a big receiptright there, too.

Now, if youreally want it,

maybe there'ssomething we can do.

What can I do for you,Mr. Jason Lee?

(laughing)Let me say this.

I think thatyou have something

that I knowwould move me.

Oh, God.What is this?

Growing up as a kid,I had this movie thatI was in love with.

It was called"Coming to America."

Remember when the princesscame in the room and she said,

"I would dowhatever you like,"

and he said, "Hop on one legand bark like a dog."

Oh, hell no...

I know where Jasonis going with this.

"Chihuahua."Bark like a dog.

Yes, yes, yes, you arevery clever, my friend.





You have a--All right, we have a deal.

Jason!You're my friend now?

I'm your friend now.Hell, yes.

I'm just glad that Brandi

did not let her prideget in the way.

She needs to keep focusingon the bigger picture,

which is getting backat Moniece.

Brandi may have barked,

but once Moniece finds outabout what we have on her,

she's gonna bebegging for our forgiveness.

I kept my word.

I just need to know,are you really...

I never make a promisethat I don't keep.

This is about to bethe biggest receiptof the year.

It's a cold daywhen your enemies link up.

Yes, let's toast to that.