• Season 5, Ep 18

Ariane Goes Off On Chris

When Chris feels like Ariane is attacking his gender identity, Mimi and Nina Parker are stuck in the crossfire.

08/08/2016 ยท 3:57

Now, Chris,let me ask you,

can I ask what doyou identify with?

I would prefer male pronouns,but whatever you call me,

I'm not going to,you know... fuss at you.

Mimi, let me ask you,how do you identify now?

She's been a lesbo,I mean, gotta tell ya!

I like what I like.

I'm attracted to personalities.

Sexually fluid,no labels.


Now, Mimi, Ariane wasasking a lot of questions

about you and Chrisand your sex life on the show.

Do you feelthat she crossed the line

by askingthose questions?

She always asksa lot of questions

about everything,all the time and...

Well, what were youconfused about?

Um, hearing Chris say that,

you know,she wanted to...

be identified as male.Okay.

I just didn'tunderstand that

when there's so manywoman tendencies.

What do you thinkshe's talking about?

I think she's being shady.

Um, my definitionof masculine and feminine

is not the same as hers.

What I won'tallow, though,

is shade with regardsto my identify.

Because as a fellow memberof the LGBT community...

Absolutely.You should understand

that not everybody can affordsurgical procedures...

Understandable.Not everybody has access

to health insuranceand can get hormones.

Those people thatare still female-bodied,

if they want tobe identified

a certain way,we should respect them.

I just really do have

a personal vendettatowards you,

and I apologizeif you feel like

that I am attacking

your gender identity,because I'm not.

I just don't appreciate

a lot of the thingsthat Chris has done.

She's made a record,

and it's just, like,come on, man.

A record about you, Mimi?

Have you heard it?


How do you feel about it?

I think it's (bleep) up.

Chris, can youtell me, what--

what is this recordand what was it about?

I shouldn't have put all of itout on the table like that.

But in the moment,I was being extremely

emotional and my only releasewas music.

Are you still doing thingsthat come from a petty place?

Like, very recently,you mean?

Uh, yeah.

I haven't done anything--

(Ariane)But I've seen(bleep), Chris.

Why are you always in it?!

Hold on.Because she wants me here.

Protect yourself, Ma.

Protect yourself.I don't have to protect--

Protect myselffrom what, you?!

I will never haveto protect myself from you!

I will drag yourlittle ass in here, Chris!

(overlapping shouting)

You get draggedon the regular!

Where, bitch?!

You ain't got no (bleep) man!And you're a woman.

Really, really, really?I got somebodyfor your ass.

Really? Sit your ass down.

Know that, know that.I got somebody.

If you caredabout your hair...I do care...

The way you care about otherpeople's relationships,

you wouldn't have to (bleep)wear a fake wig!

Get some edges, bitch!

Bitch, I do (bleep),raggedy bitch!

I don't wanna filmwith this ho no mo'.

Get the (bleep) out!I don't wanna film with her.

Get out, then!I don't wannafilm with her.

Get out, get out.

She ain't got (bleep)to do with it, bruh!

You don't--you don't, either.

I ain't even wanna beon this (bleep) show!

I knew you wason for (bleep)!

Then why are you--why did you get on?

Because I loved you.

That's why?Yes.

That's the sole reason?

That is the sole reason.

Were you in lovewith Chris?

I loved Chris, yeah.

Let's take Arianeout of the equation.

Okay. I do wannahave a conversation

with Chris and Mimi.

That's fine.

Ariane, would youplease mind

stepping out of the roomfor just a moment?

Oh, absolutely.Just a moment.

And can she not comeback until I'm gone?

What the (bleep)are you talking about?

I need her to go!Ariane.

I need her to go!I need her to go!

Okay, I am.I'm shutting it up.

Let's backtracka little bit.

Is there ever a chance

for any type of friendshipbetween the two of you,

even if after maybesome time to heal?

My feelings for her are a lotdeeper than hers were for me.

And I don't think I can bea real friend to somebody

if I have thosefeelings underneath.

Okay, so you stillhave feelings?


Well, I hope after a littlebit of time and growth,

you guys are able to at least becordial when you see each other.

Just say helloevery now and then.