• Season 3, Ep 2 · Bonus

Masika Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Struggles

Masika talks to Moniece about Fetty Wap denying the baby and how she should handle the situation.

08/22/2016 · 2:33


♪ I'm doing fine on my own ♪

♪ I wish that I hada time machine ♪

♪ To go back to the day beforeyou ruined me ♪

♪ I'm through ♪

♪ I'm doing fine on my own... ♪

Great, Masika,let's take five.

All right.

Hey, boo!

You look so cute.

Have you tried it?

I mean...

I just ate too much.What body part is that?

Oh, um, that's--

I think that's her knee.

She likes to put her kneein my navel.

Yeah. Cam used to, like,spread out to a square.

She likes to work out everymorning at 5:00 a.m.

You're almost done, yeah?

You're almost,like, through.

I have, like,three days left.

Okay, like, six weeks, but...

I was about to say, bitch,what'd I miss?

A lot.

So, what's going onwith you and baby daddy?


This is Jesus' child,at this point.

I always knewyou were pure, Masika.


Pure at heart.

Yeah, I'm about as pureas a swamp.

Um, anyway...Girl.

I cannot.Okay.

Everything was great, we werejust having a blast this summer,

it was the summer full of fun.Mm-hmm.

And then I got pregnant.

And he was, like, well,if you keep the baby,

you're gonna be on your own.

So I was like, okay.

Shut your face.Yeah.

Like, he did some interviewand acted like,

oh, I don't knowwhose baby it is.

That's what pissed me off.

So when it came to that point,I was like, okay, so let's--

Come take this DNA test.

And he's like,see you in court.

I really feel likeI haven't had

a chance to enjoymy pregnancy one day.

It's either drama or I'm tryingto figure out life

or I'm trying to figure outhow to still work.

You know, he hasn't stepped up,and now that this is here,

I'm not gettingmy bookings or, you know,

I'm not able to beon the road now,

so it's getting kind of scary,'cause it's like...

It is, very.I'm shooting a video today.

I should be in bedwith my feet up.Right.

But, you know, what otheroptions do you have as a woman?

I think that, you know,forcing him to paternity test,

for the sake of the baby,

because he's publiclydenied her.

Oh, yeah.

At this point, for her sake,

like, that's something I feltlike I didn't have to do,

but now I feel likeI don't have a choice,

so I feel like, at this point,

I'm gonna have to gotalk to a lawyer.

Like, I don't think I haveanother choice.