• Season 5, Ep 15

KK and Tiarra Make Amends

KK meets with Tiarra to sincerely apologize and move forward as a family.

07/18/2016 ยท 3:23

(Karen)I've been putting offpacking Scrapp's apartment,

because I wasin denial.

But finally, today,

I have to face what has happenedto my son

and I have to deal with it.

We're all strugglingwith Scrapp being gone.

Tommie's drinking herselfinto a stupor.

Tiarra,she's a damn ghost.

I haven't even seenmy damn grandson.

You know what I realizeis I'm the only person

that can change this situation.

- Oh. Hey.- Hey.

(Tiarra)I was floored

when I got a call from KK.

She said she has somethingto talk to me about.

KK made it crystal clearwhere I stood with her

last time we sat downand talked,

but, out of respectfor Scrapp,

I went and met with her.

I'm... shockedto hear from you.

Somebody got to bethe bigger person.

I'm dealing with a lot.

When we went to court,

and... the judgesaid 20 years,

I thought I was gonna die.

And, you know,I just felt like

I had just madeso many mistakes.

The last time we met,

all I can play in my mind is,"Bitch, I'ma drag you,"

and "I'ma this,"and "I'ma that."

And me saying, "Okay, well,I know where you live."

I thought I was gonna pukebecause the hatred was deep.

And I don't want my grandsonto grow up thinking

that his grandmotherhates his mother.

I just-- I don't wantto handle hate in my heart.

And so...that's what it is.

King's birthday is coming.

He's gonna be four.

And I haven't hadnot one birthday with him.

And it's important to meto spend his birthday.

And it's important to Scrapp.

(Tiarra)In all these years,

I've never known KKto be this sincere.

This is a woman who brawlsand makes threats.

She is not a crier.

So for me to sit hereand see her so emotional,

I know in my heartsomething has changed.

And maybe there is hopefor us.

I want usto do that.

You know, through everything,I already knew this.

Regardless of what I say,I know you love King.

And that's the first thinghe do in the morningis ask where his dad--

He asks about you.I can't lie.

As much I wanna be mad and sayI'm gonna take king away,

he asks,"Where my grandma?"

You probablyhated me for a minute,

but I knew you weren'tgonna hate me forever.

I know you wanted to kill mefor a minute, for real.


Yeah, well, I don'twanna kill you now.

(both chuckle)

I don't wanna mobon nobody.

I just wanna mob onsome letters to the judge

to get my sonout of prison.

He gonna get out.

Yeah. That 20 yearsis a lot.

And this party,I was thinking,

you know, if Kingcould just think

that his dad is stillhere at the party.

But I knew that, you know,if we didn't come together

that it wasn't gonna happen.

I don't even know howto plan parties that good.

But I know his grandmawould plan the best parties.

She gon' put togethera ball, a extravaganza,

and I knowthat makes you happy.

It did.

At the end of the dayright now,

it don't matter how I feel.

I'm doing it for Scrapp.

I'm doing itfor his son.

And just, hopefully,it'll go on like this

till Scrapp comes home.

So this meanI can call you Mom?

No, I don't want youto do that.

(both laughing)