• Season 5, Ep 13

Stevie J and Joseline Come Face-To-Face

After all the lies and deception, Stevie J and Joseline reunite to discuss the future of their relationship.

07/04/2016 ยท 3:57

(Joseline)Thank you, sir.

(Stevie J)You're welcome.

Joseline and I are bothout in L.A. for Grammy week,

and for whatever reason,she wanna talk.

I'm staying at my manTony DeNiro fly crib,

and I invited her overso we can hash some things out.

(Joseline)I haven't seen youin forever and a day.

I know.

I'm sure she's not too happyabout me admitting

we not married and all that,but I feel some type of way

about the disrespectful pictureswith Rick Ross

and the lie she told Mimiabout me having two kids.

So we both got beef.

What you been up to?

Well, you know...

I've been upto doing me.

What's that?

(chuckling)Don't be all upin my business.

You knowI don't like that.

(Stevie J)I don't even know what's goingon with this relationship.

I just feel disrespectedand something gotta give.

How you really getting alongsleeping in Mimi's couch?

I'm all right.

We all know I have not seenmy husband for a few weeks.

Hopefully, tonight,he can act like a gentleman

and reallytake responsibilities

for everythingthat he's done in the past.

You wanna go do a tour abouthow you not claiming your wife.

Bet you would never say thatI'm not his wife in front of me.

Right now,this is an open relationship

between me and Stevie,and I want him

to really get thatin his thick head.

So, you like it betterseparated?

I love it betterseparated.

I thinkthat we don't argue

'cause we don't see eachother like that every day.

You just wanna be friends?

Of course, we'regonna always be friends.

You're my boo.

I think it's like,

I built a hell of an empireup, from the ground up.

You do what you do.So, what makes you think

that I wanna see it crumbleand then crashing down?


What's gonna crumbleand crash down?

Taking pictures thatare very disrespectful.

For a boss like me.

See...For a boss like me.

You take picturesa lot of times.

For a boss like me,

you don't take pictures with(bleep) touching on your leg

and you touching on his hand--don't do that.

Well, you're talking about--I'm a boss.


Don't--don't "Stevie" me.

It was never like that.

Nobody was touching my boob

or my private area.Oh, he was touching on you.

Touching on me?You act likeyou didn't see it.

Yes, I do.There was no partof me in the picture.

Okay, cool,then it is what it is.

If you don't seenothing wrong with it,

then I'm coolthe way things are.

I'm not doing a relationshipwhile I'm doing me

and she's doing her.

If we not doing us,we not doing nothing.

What do you wanna do right now?You wanna curse me out?

No.You wanna put me down?

You wanna fightabout a picture?

We have notbeen together--

You owe me an apology.

I don't owe youan apology for anything.

So ain't nothingto talk about.

(sighs)Stevie...I'm good.

You hang out in the publicwith other ladies.

You kiss other ladies.

You grab other ladies.I kiss other ladies?

Stevie,you've been around--

Just like I had kids, too.

(Joseline)I've got Stevie wrapped aroundmy finger the way I want to,

because if I can sit upin front of his baby mother,

lie about my husbandhaving kids,

and cry my eyes out,just making (bleep) up,

I'm just playing the same gamethat they both playing.

I'm joining the (bleep) game.I wanna play too.

What's wrong with me playing?

But we talking aboutyou and your picture.

So what is that?It's that (bleep) picture!

How many picturesdo you take?

Don't ever take no picturelike that again in your life.

I want youto embrace the fact

we still try to leavethe bull(bleep) in the past.

I see this conversationis going nowhere.

Joseline will never sit hereand admit her wrongs

or her lies.

So now it's in my hands.

Do we leave here tonighthating each other

or like grown folks who reallyloved each other at one time?

I'm a lover and not a fighter.

So tonight,I'm gonna show some love.

Do I miss you?Yeah.

Do I miss smellingyour perfume?

Do I miss watching youwalk around the cribwith nothing on?

Do I miss having crazy,mad dog, gorilla sex? Yeah!

But at the end of the day,

if it ain't right,what is it?

We only got 95to 100 years on this earth.

And that's whyI don't wanna fight you.

Life is short, man.

I continue to support you

as long as I feel like you'rerespecting me, all right?

You know that.

All right, cool.

Can we just hug it outand just keep it real?

Yes, I do wanthug it out.

All right, cool.

(Joseline)Stevie is so weak over me.

But, I mean,when you take a look

at all this greatnessand all this perfection,

who could blame him?

Let's have a good time.

Let me give youa treat.

Even thoughyou don't deserve it.

But I'ma still give it to you.

Just to show you how muchof a great woman I am

that I can sit up here,left the house,

'cause I'm upset at you,but still bring you treats.

What better wifedo you want, honey?