• Season 5, Ep 18

Joseline Reveals Her Pregnancy To Stevie J

After learning about Joseline's pregnancy, Joseline and Stevie J make heartfelt apologies to each other only to return to a bad place again after social media wars.

08/08/2016 · 3:05


(Nina)Once again, Stefan and Stephanie

were able to convinceStevie and Joseline

to continue the conversation.


I'm really, truly sorry foreverything that's been going on.

Because I know I was upsetand I was hurt.

And I knewyou was hurt, too.

And we dida lot to each other.

It's, it's--I was just--

It's cool, it's cool.Let me just talk.

Let me talk.I was upset, I was hurt.

You took my heart.

(crying)And you just did whateveryou wanted to do with it.

I thought I was going to spendthe rest of my life with you.

And here you are,telling everybody

you're not married to me.(sniffles)

That I (bleep).

I never saidyou was (bleep).

I'm really sorryfor everything I did,

but I was mad--what did you want me to do?

You going around everywhere,disclaiming your wife.

We've been togetherfor 5 1/2 years, like...

You want me to justbe cool with that?

And I knowthat I did wrong.

I know that I've...I was-- I know I was...

We both did wrong,right?

So, listen...

just want to apologize.

I don't wanna havethe baby without you.



(Nina)It was anothertopsy-turvy season

for "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta."

And this reunionproved to be no different.

As we say good-bye...

Thanks, Dime.Yes, sir, I'm done dancin'.

(Nina)There's still unfinishedbusiness between the cast.

But just becausethe cameras stop rolling,

it didn't stop the castfrom bringing the drama.

And just two days later,Stevie and Joseline were back

in a vicious and very publicsocial media war.

Production returnedto Atlanta shortly after

to talk to both of them

about the current stateof their relationship.

When we did leave the reunion,I wanted to make sure

that she was being peaceful andpositive for the baby's sake.

After that,it went back to the rampages

on Instagram and Twitter,just trying to defame me.

Stevie don't knowhow to (bleep) grow up.

He doesn't know howto stay out of social media

and have a real,grownup conversation

with the woman that he's beenfor the past six years.

I can honestly say thatI let him push me to the limit.

And I was tiredand I was, like, "(bleep) you.

If you're saying this to me,I'm gonna say that to you."

She's gotta realizethat it's a real world

that we're living in, and she'sliving with no boundaries.

I don't want anythingto do with Stevie.

He's full of (bleep).

Who gives a (bleep)about a baby daddy

when you got a baby mama that'sso great like I'm going to be?

If the kid is mine,we'll let the judges

make the decision on howwe gonna see each other.

If it's mine.

At the end of the day,Steven Jordan,

we don't need your money,

and my baby will neverhave your last name.

Officially finished,it's a wrap.

You know what I'm saying?

Fly little birdy,you're free.