• Season 5, Ep 14

Life Jennings Breaks Up With Karlie Redd

After showing Karlie Redd a "promise ring," Lyfe Jennings tells her it's over.

07/11/2016 ยท 2:24

I don't wanna necessarily giveup on this (bleep) right here.

Let me just say itlike this, look.

(Karlie)When Lyfe pulled out the ring,I dropped to the ground.

Did he just propose to me?

Shh, just listen.

I got love for you,

and I reallysee something in you

the rest don't see, man.

This, I wanna say thatthis is a promise ring.

And I promise youthat you're not gonna

never find another(bleep) like me.

You can keep this.

But you can'tkeep me, man.

I can't do this(bleep), man.

(Karlie)I thought this wasa proposal ring.

So, this is a breakup ring.

What the (bleep)is really going on?!

Why wouldyou do that?

Why would youdo that, man?

This is (bleep) Karlie.

Just keep it realwith yourself, man.

(bleep)--So you think you'rejust gonna go and date,

and I'm not gonna (bleep)go on dates?

You can do whatthe (bleep) you wanna do.

It's a double standardwhen it comes to men!

You can do what the (bleep)you wanna do.

You can do what you wanna do,but you gotta keep it 100.

That's all you gotta do.I did!

No, you didn't, you liedthis whole time, man.

About what?

About me and you.

I got the ring good-heartedly,

but then, as I startedgetting text messages

from this dude named Scrapp,

I just thought in my mind,like, damn, man,

is that what youreally want for your life?

Is she a mother, some kind ofexample for your kids, man? No.

All I wanna knowis can we work this out?

I know what I want,and I know what I need.

In this point in your life,you just wanna club and drink

and do the bull(bleep).No, I do not!

Yes, you do.I'm looking for a wife, man.

Somebody that's gonnatake care of me and my kids.

I will change.

But you ain't changing!You need to takea chance on me.

But you ain't changing.You don't know that!

Because you haven'teven taken a chance on me!

I been (bleep) with youfor a year and a half.

If you was gonna change,you would've changed by then.

I never asked Lyfe for morethan he was ready to give.

I never questioned him

when he disappearedweeks at a time.

I gave him his freedom.

I was always availablewhen he wanted it.

And now he's throwing itin my face?

It's always the same B.S.

No matter what I do,it's never good enough.

I just hope you findwhat you're looking for, man.

That's all.