• Season 5, Ep 15

King's Book Needs To Be Kid Approved

Tiny puts together a focus group to see if King's book is ready to be published.

08/08/2016 ยท 2:30

I want to introduce youto King Harris,

and he's written a book and he'sgonna tell you about it.

It's called"Beep Beep, Speedy and Me."

(Tiny)Now we're about to getsome feedback

from these kids on King's book.

Regina set upthis cute little crowd

to help us see what's workingand what isn't.

This book is aboutme getting a dogand my grandpa.

And what wasyour grandfather's name?Pepaw.

Do you all have grandparents?



Two grandmasand one pop-pop.

One pop-pop.

My pop-pop died.


So, listen...

I'm gonna readto you, okay?


"I put my armaround Beep Beep's neck.

"'I want you to staynear Pee-paw.

Sometimeshe forgets where he is.'"

How do we say it?

It's "Peh-paw.""Peh-paw." Oh, okay,thank you. (laughs)

Say it again.

It's Pepaw. Pepaw."Papaw," okay.

"Beep Beep put his noseto the ground.

"He had picked up Popee...Poppa..."

How do you say it again?

His name is Peepee?



You're close!

It's Peepaw!

How do you say it,tell me how you...


"Pepaw!"Thank you! (laughs)

(Tiny)Well, there's one note.

We gotta figure outhow to get Pepaw's name

in the book correctly.

At least the kids are laughing.

It seemed like they likedthe book so far.

"'Next time you go fora walk, let me know, okay?'"

"'Okay, my boy,' said..."


"'I want to get to knowthat new dog of yours.'"

Okay, so...that's the story.

So, how did y'alllike my book?

(children murmuring)What did y'all like about it?



Pepaw. Pepaw.It's actually Pepaw.

If you were in a bookstoreand you were with your parents,

would you be like,"Buy me this book."

Yes, I would."I like this book, I wantto take this book home."

Yes.(others) Yes...Good! Okay.

So, King,you might have something.I think you got 'em.

I have a questionfor everybody.

Do y'all think I shouldreally get a dog?

Oh, my.(group)Yes...


Yes, the kidsloved the book.

Looks like we can go forwardwith the publisher

and get this book out.

I know King will be excitedto finally get his work out.

So we have kid-tested,kid-approved.

They really enjoyed it,seemed like.

I'm excited.I'm with you.

All right.(chuckles)

Thank you for everything.You're very welcome.

Thank you so much.