• Season 3, Ep 10 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 10: Gangster Savage

A1, Safaree, and Lyrica shockingly watch as Lyrica G has A1's car towed away while Moniece, Safaree, and Lyrica discuss what went down when Princess interrupted Ray J's music video shoot.

10/17/2016 · 6:34

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The scene you're about to see

is Lyrica's mama on somepetty payback bull (bleep).

Yeah, out there with my guy,

sipping on iced tea in the sunin the back of his new pad,

we feeling right.

Who made this?

I don't know.I think my mom.

Bro, your mom needs some sugar.


Pam can't make teaor (bleep) ramen.

Pam ain't paying attention.

What is going on?Why is she gardeningat our house?

They towing your car.

What you mean?


They towing my car?

Yo.This is my crib.

What you doing?

This is real life.

I'm doing my job, man.What are you towing me for?

I'm gonna do my job, I'm gonnatake this whole (bleep).

(Pam)Yo, don't do that.

I'm gonna tow the car.


Give me them keys, bro.

You ain't towing nothing,

you're gonna respectmy man's car.

That's my boy,that's my boy.

(A1)Who sent you to do this?

Lyrica Garrett.

Of course.

I don't even know whyI asked that question.

Oh, my gosh.Mom, what are you doing?

You keep (bleep) up.

Uh-oh.Oh, man!

Oh, my gosh.Dukes done rolled up.

I'm pissed off.

The sheriff is in town.

(Lyrica)So, yes, it's my car,I own it.

Oh, what is Safaree doingon top of the car?

What is Safaree doing?

What the-- How'd I get on topof the tow truck?

Oh, it's about to go down.

Mom, what are you doing?

So you're gonna tow the car...I'm gonna--

And I just paid for it?

Her name should be Lyrica G.S.Gangsta savage.

If she keep talking,it's gonna be a problem.

I don't give a (bleep)!

Come on, come on!Oh!

Yo, Pam's straight up.

(all chattering)

Pull your weave out, bitch.

Here I haveyour money right here.

Let me get my truck keys.Where are you truck keys?

Oh, my God.A1 got in my mom's car.

Oh, A1 is gangsta.

I'm gonna take your (bleep).


Who's in my car?Take that car,boy.

Outta here.I'm gonna take your (bleep).

(Lyrica)Then I'm gonnacall the police.

(bleep) stolen car!

He can't--how could he take my car?

Oh, I did it.


A1 just stole hismother-in-law's car.

This guy is a savage.

I don't ever wantto be around her.

Nobody wanna be around you.

Bitch!Your son don't have no money,

that's why he's driving my car.

Bitch!No, I'll tell you what.

My arms look big.

I'm hitting the gym boy.

Oh, am I--towing the car?

That's a new low for Lyrica.

That was the definitionof outrageous.

The next sceneyou're about to see

is Ray and Princess gettinginto it at his video shoot.

But what's new?They get into it everywhere.

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ And I'll always be your... ♪

(man)Keep that shot,keep that shot.

♪ And then with the--little rider ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I'm your little rider ♪

Okay, back out, back out.

♪ My little rider, ooh yeah yeah ♪

♪ My little rider ♪

Hey, that girl better back up.

Nice interaction,interaction.

Princess got a mean right hook.

You better back upoff of that boy.

You see me?

♪ There it is, yeah yeah yeah ♪♪

You gotta--all in.

Rub on yourself.

Did he say rub on yourself?

Princess looks pissed.

You ready, Truth?I'm ready man.

Is she ready?Are you ready?

I am ready.That's the question.

Right now, we need to know--

Neither oneof y'all look ready.

Can I speak to you, please?Oh!

Give me ten.Matter of fact, 20.

Ha, Ray just a fool.

Oh, Princess is hot.

Like, that's inappropriate.

You wouldn'twant me doing it.


Your mom already said shedidn't want us to get married,

and then you got me up here,coming up to this?

Look, look...Do you want to be married

or do you want to be turnt up?

Yeah, which one is it?Pick one.

He wants to be turnt.

Away from you.Clearly.

You can't come up on my setand tell me what to do

and point your finger

when I'm in control in frontof people I'm working with.

It's embarrassing,it's disrespectful,

and it's not gonna happen.

Ray, lower your voice.Lower your voice, Ray.

Bad Ray J.Bad, bad Ray J.

I don't appreciate--And something's gotta give.

I don't appreciate yourcreativity (bleep) with me.

They're about to get marriedand they're just supposed

to be in a placeof happiness and bliss.

And... for the most part,

they don't look like they're inhappiness and bliss.

It looks likecrappiness and piss.

I feel like you'redoing this just to, like,

get it out your system.

You think I'm--Just so you can be like...

(record scratching)

Be like what?

On a bitch.

Is that whatmy work looks like?

Yeah, it does.That is really wrong.


Yo, Princess is ill.

This ain't no bull (bleep)I'm doing.

Like, have some respect, like...

Have some respect?Have some respect.

Oh, child, please.

So you think I'm supposedto just come up in here

and not have an opinion?

Okay.You want me to sit in the corner

like I'm some kind of mute?


This my set.

This-- this where I'm at.

I ain't do this(bleep) at home.

Have fun with your free videoand your ratchet-ass model.

Guarantee you,nobody's gonna watch it.

See, that's (bleep) up,no belief.

Get a bitch badder than me,then we'll talk.


That's easy.

Here I am.

And... yes.Here I am.

Ready to get jiggy.

Do I fit the mold?