• Season 3, Ep 8

Ray J Surprises Princess

While wedding dress shopping, Princess is overwhelmed with joy when Ray J bring her grandmother to join.

10/03/2016 · 4:06

♪ Da da ♪

♪ Da da ♪

♪ Da da ♪

Hurry up! I know,what are you doing in there?

Oh, my God!

♪ Da da ♪

♪ Da da ♪

♪ Da da ♪

(Princess)Normally bridesbring their mothers

with them wedding dress shopping

and although my mother and I'srelationship has improved,

she lives far away,so she can't be here.

You look like a princess.

I look like a littleCatholic girl.

You look cute.Oh, my God.

I like the top part.Yes.

The top partis really good.

And the lace,the lace is gorgeous.

Oh, my God,you about to cry?


I've cried enough,I'm trying not to, okay?

Wow.I'm really, like,shaking right now.

It's real.Oh, don't do that!

♪ Da da ♪

And although Sonja and Brandilive here in L.A.,

I thought that inviting themwould just make me more sad

about my own mothernot being here,

so I decided to invitemy best friends.

It just doesn't feel real.

It's like a dream?Mm-hmm.

You deserve it.Every bit of it.

Going over this guest listwith Ray

has me kind of in my feelings

because my family isn't as closeto me as Ray's family is to him.

You're so cute.

What do you feelabout this one?

This one's bigger.It is bigger, right?

I'm sorry,the other one took the cake.

It kind of took a little shinefrom that one.

I should have put that oneon last.

Yeah, no.

Ha ha!Look who it is.


Oh, my God.What is Ray doing here?

I mean, I know I told himto come help out,

but I didn't mean help me

picking out my damnwedding dress.

You're not supposedto be here.

This ain't it,this ain't the one anyway, okay?

Why are you here?

I want to be involved, baby.

I think you should worryabout what you're gonna wear

and let us take care of this.

Are you okay today?

Listen, it's allabout making you happy,

so I got a surprise for you.Cheers.

A real surprise.I'll be right back.

I know it's beena lot of ups and downs

with Princess and her family,but that don't mean

that the real people that loveher shouldn't be in her life.



(Princess)To actually have a memberof my family here

while I'm picking out my dressmeans so much to me.

Ray doing this proves to meonce again

that he's the manthat I need to marry.

All right, well, I'm gonnago ahead and go in the back

And give you two a minute.

Love you, baby.Love you.

Okay.Thank you.

Seeing my grandmais the best feeling ever.

I have no idea how he got herhere, but I am super touched.

I cannot believeyou're here right now.

Take my hand.

Have you spoke to my dad?

He told me to tell you

that he loved you, even thoughhe is a drag sometimes.

So, it's--it's important for me

that my dad walks medown the aisle.

It should be,that's your father.

I haven't talked to himin over a year

and before that, it--it was about ten years.

I'm just afraidthat he might say no.

Since my mom and dad splitwhen I was five years old,

my dad hasn't reallycame through for me.

I'm hoping that my weddingcould be a start

for me and my dadto rebuild our relationship,

but I can only do thatif he wants to.

He wants to be here.

He don't want anybodytaking his place.

He said that's his job.

That would make me happy.

I'll probably be cryingthe whole way down.

Yeah, he'll probablybe crying, too.

Well, I'm gladthat you're gonna be there.

I wouldn't miss it.

And I don't think that I wouldbe able to get married

without my family there.

You can count on this sideof your family.