• Season 5, Ep 16 · Bonus

Scrappy Proposes To Bambi (Extended Scene)

Tammy and Rasheeda share some sentimental words about the newly engaged couple.

07/25/2016 · 1:44


It fits. Oh, my God,you did a good job.

(crowd)Aww...Yeah, mmm.


I just wanna give a toast to youguys and saying that

it is the beginning.

I know you goingthrough a lot,

and trust me, I know-- But Iknow he has a good heart,

and he really, really loves you,

and I know she off the chain,

and, like, thinks she can beatyou at everything.


No, no, no, she can't beat meat everything, like, come on.

But you know, it's my girl,'cause I do the same thing.

We know we can't beat y'all,

but we just love y'allso much,

and she loves you.and y'all gonna be--

I'm just super happyfor y'all.

And might I add, she's, like,

a beautiful, like, real goodstepmother already.

You feelin' me?Right.

I just gotta say, what a daggumyear it's been.


With all the things thatwe've been through,

all of us as familyand friends,

and I just have to say,I'm happy for you guys,

and the work just starts here.

I hope y'all knowand understand that.

Ain't no running out, shouting,"I'm done!"

Shouting, "I can't even dealwith--"

Ain't no Bambi, no.

I ain't doing this, I ain'tdoing that, Miss--

Miss OG.

But you know, I love you guys.

I wish you guys many, many,many years of marital bliss.

Y'all deserve each other,'cause when I tell you

y'all got some kind of crazy-asslove going on,

that just deservesto become a union.

(all laughing)