• Season 5, Ep 15

Chris Confronts Mimi About Their Break-Up

When Mimi and Chris meet to discuss the ending of their relationship, emotions run high.

07/18/2016 ยท 3:43

(Mimi)Stevie is a little upset thatI finally got myself together,

and I'm askingfor child support.

But I feel good about it,

and I'm finally handling thingsin a way that work for me.

Which is why I havejust one more piece

of unfinished businessthat I have to attend to.

- Hey.- Hey. How are you?

I'm good.How are you?

Chris has been actingextremely crazy

since this has been over,

calling me100 times a day.

I'm not sure if Chris knowsthat I'm seeing someone,

but I am going to make thatvery clear today.

I still have love for Chris.I do.

But I have compartmentalizedthis relationship

and put it on a shelf,and it's over.

What's beengoing on, Chris?

You know, I've beenin L.A., I've been working.

I've been out therehandling my business.

(Chris)I haven't heardfrom Mimi in a while.

I reached out to her last weekto let her know

that my father passed,

but it seems likeshe doesn't even care.

I know that she'skind of moved on

and she's in a new situation--yeah, I know.

Um, but it would have been niceto have her support.

And it's stuff like thatthat makes me think

what we were doingfor the past year

wasn't even a relationship.

You were a significantpart of my life for so long.

I really thought thatyou were gonna be there.

I've heard you are nowinvolved with someone else,

and this personis a female.

And the last conversationI had with you,

I didn't break up with you--I was giving you space

so that you couldfigure out what was going on

with your family.

She sat there,right in front of my face.

I'm tearing up.

If she meant anything else,

then she should havesaid it out of her mouth,

and she did not.

So, yeah, it wasa breakup to me.

I caredabout you deeply,

and I thought thatwe were more

than obviously we were.

What we shared was real.So I don't know--

So what I'm saying to youis what I find in so...

I can't geta (bleep) word in.

There's always gonna besomebody cuter.

There's alwaysgonna be somebody better.

But I thoughtyou was my (bleep).

We weren't together!

I wanted you!

What's the point?

I understand that.

I love you to death.

Because of you,I live a more free life.

Because of you,I told my mother

that I wantto transition.

- Good.- Because of you,

- I'm gonna have top surgery.- Good.

I'm not gonna take awayany of the things

that you did for me.

You were a blessing.

Unfortunately,you not my blessing.

Mimi gave me the strengthto be open with my family,

and I'll alwaysrespect her for that.

But the feelingsjust weren't reciprocated.

Let me tell yousomething, Chris.

During the courseof the relationship,

when I dealt with you,you have some issues

that I realizedI could not deal with.

This is comingfrom the same person

who was having sex with meafter they broke up with me,

and I neverpushed the issue!

Yes, Chris and I messed arounda few times after we broke up.

But that's all it was,nothing more.

I thought I made it clearthat we're over,

and I am so sorryif I confused the situation.

I wanted to be with you,and I couldn't understand

how you could stillhave sex

but couldn't be with me--that didn't make sense to me.

You make it seemlike one thing,

and then try to play meon the flipside

when I say I'm into you.

You so inyour (bleep) head

and in your mother(bleep)feelings,

and you so (bleep) upabout us not--

Well, you walkedthrough this door--

Let me (bleep) finish!

Every step of the way,and every (bleep) issue

that you had,I was there for you!

Even after we broke up.

I don't know whyMimi is flipping out.

I'm sorry me coming to termswith myself is such a burden.

I was there for Mimi whenshe was dealing with her issues,

and I never threw thatin her face.

So what yousitting here saying,

that you gave a (bleep)and I didn't?

You got me (bleep) up!

- Ditto. Ditto.- I did care about you.

- I'm sorry I bothered you.- Did you get it.

- You didn't bother me.- You have a good day.

You have a good (bleep) day.Here's your (bleep).

Thank you.You disrespectful ass.

You a disrespectfulmother(bleep).

I love you, too.