• Season 3, Ep 9 · Bonus

Lyrica Tells A1 About The Liposuction Surgery

When Lyrica tells A1 that her mom wants them to pay for her liposuction surgery, A1 is adamant in his decision which causes tension between the newlyweds.

10/10/2016 · 1:52


(Lyrica A.)Oh, my God, everythingis beautiful in here.

You're welcome,you know, I know--

I know where--Oh, my gosh.

I know the best placeto shop.

(Lyrica)They have a lot of stuff thatI really, really like in here.

It's a dope store.

My voice is gone,babe.

I really lovethat big mirror, though.

The one that looks like it'sfor an 80-year-old grandma?


That's-- this is dope.

We should at least buy it,try it out.

Okay, well, beforewe go spend three grand

just on picturesand stuff like that,

there's somethingI wanna talk to you about.


So I had lunch with my mom,and she's still really hurt.

She feels like, you know,just left out of our lives,

so to make her feel better,

she wants meto get her liposuction.

You trippin'.No, no, no.

If we do this for her,I made her make a promise.

She can never bring upus eloping again, ever.

(laughing)Oh, she can bring it upall day, I don't care.

No, she can neverbring it up again.

We're not doing that.

She's really hurtright now, right?

And if a couplethousand dollars

will make herfeel better,

I wanna makeher feel better.

You couldn't do nothing else?I just wannagive her a gift--

I just wanna give hera gift that is, like,

"Here's a treat, I knowit's been a lot going on.

"I know it's a little muchfor you to take in.

Go do somethingnice for yourself."

That's it.You know what?

I'll sit down,talk to her, like, look...

"(bleep) no."Period.

You're a (bleep) jerk.

I don't care what you call it.You're a jerk.

I'ma tell her, "(bleep) no,get outta here with all that."

You're gonna tell her(bleep) no?

You're not gonnatell my mom (bleep) no.

No, that's--that's (bleep) crazy.

I'm done talking to you,I'm walking out.You're (bleep).

Like, you shopby yourself.

Shop by yourself.Shop by yourself.

(bleep).(bleep), no.