• Season 3, Ep 5 · Bonus

A1 and Lyrica G Go Toe-To-Toe

While packing up their things, A1 calls out Lyrica G for ruining the dinner he and Lyrica had planned.

09/12/2016 · 2:11


(indistinct baby talk)

Hey, get down off the couch.

It's so funny 'causejust before you got here

he was talkingabout the dogs.

How you come overand walk the dogs

like four timesor five times a week.

But instead we'regoing to walk the dogs

so you don't haveto come over as much.

So you trying to say you don'twant me around now?

Naw, I'm justsaying we just--

we just doing a little--

He just saying youcome over a lot, Mom.

So--I mean if I wantto see my dogs

three, four, five times a week,what's the difference?

Well, I think you got to take'em to your house then, yeah.

Naw, like youshould take 'em.

That's-that's I don't--

Y'all moving up but don'ttry to move me down.

That broughta little tear to my eye.

Ain't no way.I'm serious.

That-that hurt.

On that note,I just, you know,

tried to transition intosomething cool

because I'm not likingthis conversation.

I saw this beautiful ring thatyou gave to my-my daughter.

I'm so sad ourdinner was supposed--

Well, I had no clue.(Floyd)Yeah, I messed it up.

But the whole dinner wassupposed to be a surprised.

Well, you messed it up.

Who messed it up?You.

I do understand that it kindawent from zero to a hundred.

You took it from zeroto a hundred.

At a point, you hadto check your mom?


I don't take it for granted thatI can beat yo' momma's ass.

I don't just--Who said that?

Before you came along.

Whatever was minewas Lyrica's

and whatever was Lyrica's--and we were always--

It will always be Lyricaand I against the world.

Is it that you mad thatI came in the picture

and just ended all that?

Like, let'sjust be real.

'Cause Lyrica and I,we bonded very early

because her twin sister diedat three years old.

I was veryprotective of her.

Okay, so I may still be,

but you got to understand ifI was that protective you would

not be shacking upwith my daughter.

Once you walk down the isle,

if you're secure in your placeas her man, what her mom says

concerning her daughtershouldn't threaten you at all.

And it shouldn'tbe a big deal.It don't threaten me.

It's just annoying,that's all.Okay.

Well, you can be annoyed.Get over it.