• Season 5, Ep 16

Tiny Meets With Eastside Ivo

Tiny meets up with social media entertainer Eastside Ivo. He has the idea to shoot an Instagram video with Tiny Tamara.

08/15/2016 ยท 2:12

Okay, I'm back.


(Tiny)So we're about to filmEastside_Ivo's Instagram video,

and I gotta say, he isdefinitely a character.

I don't know what I gotmyself into, but I like him.

I just have to assume that hehas a vision for this.

None of my charactersgot no name,

so what do you thinkwe should call it?


Yes, the Tiffany.The Tiffany.

No, it gotta be Tiff'anah.

It's the apostrophein there.

Okay, Tiff'anah.

Let's get rightto the point.

We need somebodyto film this video.


Just ask somebody.Excuse me, sir.

Hey, could you come recordthis video for us, please?

It's a funny video.Okay.

A fun video.

Just to let you know,bro, I'm a dude.

Oh, okay.(laughing)

We're just a character,

We just named herTiff'anah.

Tiff'anah Tiff.

Okay, you ready?

Three, two, one.

Oh, my God,Kirk calling, girl.

Act hype, act hype.


Hello!We having a good time!

Shh!Girl, no, we're not going home.

You partying tonight.

Okay, get out of character,dang, okay?

When I say-- when I tell youyou oughta calm down

y'all actually gotta calm down.Okay.

Okay, you gotta getyour act, girl...

(all talking at once)

We all got different color hair.Okay, all right, all right.

Once we startedgetting in the groove,

it became pretty easy.

I'm stillnot quite sure

how the finishedproduct is gonna turn out,

but I'm quite sure he knowswhat he's doing.

Is it finished?

Yes, okay, look.

Okay, here I come.

You gotta take me home.Uh-uh (bleep) we chillin'.

Bitch, I'm gonna be chillin'on your couch with Tip.

Nope, you got a point.

Damn, that was me?If it was you, what--

you been single forthe last three years.

Don't nobody needyour lonely ass...



Thank y'all.Thank you.

I am so gratefulfor the opportunity

to work on y'all.

My brand isgonna go up here.

(Tiny)That's the plan

'cause we want to do somebusiness with you.

Give me a hug, I'm so grateful.Thank you.

I'm genuinely surprisedand impressed.

I wasn't sure whatthis was gonna look like,

but it's amazing whatthis guy can do.

And now thatI understand the process,

Pretty Hustle is gonna findthe perfect way

to getthis talent out there.

Thank you.Don't be a stranger,man, we're gonna...

Where's my...

...that is howI pay my bill.

That's how I paymy bills.