• Season 5, Ep 18

T.I. Turns The Boys Into Stunt Men

T.I. arranges for the boys to take stunt classes. They fail to take it seriously until T.I. shows them how it's done.

08/29/2016 ยท 2:25

Spot the middle of that "X."

And get some speed.

Come on.

Boy, you gotta run, man.

What you doing?I know.

Let's listen up.

Whatever these kidsare being taught,

or whatever they think they'rebeing taught,

is going in one earand out the other.

Go back a little bit.


Golly, man,are you serious, bro?

What's wrong with you?

Not only are they unable tolearn to fall,

but it seems as though they areunable to learn to learn.

Let me show you something, man.

Let me show youhow it's done.

Spot the trampoline.

Show me something.


I went straight over, I didn'tgo to the side.

Yep. Well, the fact thatyou know that

means that you knowhow to fix it.

I could've gone through it onetime and nailed it...

but I'm trying to show the kidsyou need to progress

by learning what you did wrongand making

the necessary corrections,

going at it again even better.

You got this, T.I.!

There you go!

Yup, that's it.

Now, the good thing is,something like a shoulder roll

is something you can practicea lot of different places.

Oh, okay.

Okay, this is called a suicide.

It's the same techniqueyou'd be using here

and when you doa 50-foot-high fall.

Keep your chin tucked.

Who wanna go first?Me.

I ain't scared.You scared?

This is what I do, man.And action.



What did you not do?

Chin.You got it.


Gotta get it right,not left.

Let's see this.Aah!


And you spotted out therethe whole time.

Right on.Awesome.

Nice job, King.There you go.

These kids taking these thingsseriously.


That's all I ask.

Put 100% into anything youintend to do.

You learn how to fall.

Before you know it,you'll learn how to fly.

Three, two, one!



Look at him.I see you, King.

How you feel, King?

I feel like a kid again.

Domani, you ready?


You all right, buddy?

My shoes fell off.

(Messiah)Why was y'all so scared,though?

Y'all were screamingthe whole time.

If you don't scream,what you gonna do?

Hiccup!It wasn't that serious.

It was fun.(slurps)

King, you drunk,man?

I wanna do all of this.