• Season 3, Ep 4 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 4: Play Nice, Hollywood Harlot

Safaree, Nikki, and Moniece recap Nikki and Safaree's poolside chat and Nikki lying to Rosa Acosta. Later Lyrica, Safaree, and A1 comment on the craziness that went down at Lyrica and A1's family dinner.

09/05/2016 · 5:13

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Season three.

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for the very first time.

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The scene you're about to seeis me and Nikki by the pool.

She's looking goodand I feel good.



Ha! Ha ha!

You know Safaree lovehaving no shirt on,

so this is perfect for him.(laughs)

Come over here.

I thought she was a lesbian.

Why don't you comein the water?

I was trying to help you out,because I don't know

if you would get too excitedif I came in the water.

(laughs)You know he would, too.

She's right about that.

You know, like,seriously, you're, like,

the most beautiful personI've ever met in my life.

That is so sweet of you.

Wait, wait, wait,wait, wait, wait.

Not only did I thinkshe was a lesbian,

but didn't she sitin my face and tell me

she was getting seriouswith my baby daddy?

Hold up.

Why would I even wanna wastemy time with anybody else?

They're not you.You know what I'm saying?

I mean, you are kindafine, too, so.


We look good.We look good.

I got you something.What you got?

All right,give me your hand.

This better not be, like, somenasty freaky (bleep), Safaree.

It's not.

Like, I really didn't knowwhen I closed my eyes,

I didn't know if he was tryingto pull his (bleep) out.

I really didn't knowwhat he was gonna do.

If this bitch get a ringbefore me...

Don't look yet.I'm not looking.


All right, look.

That's so cute.Oh, okay.

Just behave yourself,all right?

Okay, promise.How about that?

That-- that side shotis insane.

I would hopeshe liked the bracelet,

but after the timeI gave it to her,

I never saw herwear it again.

I might have to get it back.

The next scene you're about towatch is when I had Rosa Acosta

do a photo shoot for meand Nude by Nikki.

Oh, my boo, Rosa.

You know she's gonna(bleep) up all thisNude by Nikki right here.

Oh, Rosa looks good.I love her body.

Come here.

(camera clicking)

A great model next to herwould be me.

Her and I,of course, come on.

Is this a movie

titled "The Hollywood Harlot,"or is this real life?

I wanted to tell yousomething.

What was that?

You know I'm alwayshonest with you...

Are ya?And you know,I'm so close to you

and I loveand adore you.Do ya?

So, you're not seeinganybody else?

No. I mean...

No, she didn't just lie againfor the third time.

That was, um,a partial, uh, lie.

Look how beautiful she is.How could I have told her

to her face?I felt so bad.

Just make sure that you tell mewhat's going on with you.

Bitch, she's taking the D!

Every which wayto Sunday.

Kudos to Nikki for beinga-- a free spirit

and unapologeticfor her whorish ways.

The scene you're about to seeis me and my fiancé

trying to havea family dinner with our moms.

Four people in a restauranthaving a peaceful diner.


Of course, it turns up.

Whew.She looks pissed.

The tension's high, man.

A1's looking like he wantsto hang himself with his chains.

So, now that Pamhas finally moved out...

Why would you...?

I'm just saying...

I didn't even realizethat I did the praying hands.

I didn't even knowI did that.

We would like for you guysto be able to come

to family functionsand, you know,

and it not be a problem

every single timeyou guys get together.

Why-- Why-- Why you gottapoint to my mama?

We've never hada family function...

First of all,we're not a family, yet.

Oh!O.G. Lyrica, at it again.

Well, what are we?

And if we ain't a family,why are we toasting?

Okay, say what your toast is.I said, can we make a toast?

Okay, say whatyour toast is.

My toast is to Pam finallygetting the hell out.

Oh!Can we toast to that?

"The hell out," what?

That toast was off the chain.Go, Mom.

That's your daughter.And my daughter wasuncomfortable with...

Wait, wait, wait.Two Lyricas picking on my mama.

That's just not cool.

She started nothing.She didn't evenstart anything.

She (bleep) started it.All I said was make a toast!

Here we go.

Like, you don't do that!Don't do that.

Oh!(Bleep) outta herewith that (bleep)!

You (bleep) asshole!

They in a nice, fancy restaurantmessing the place up.

(overlapping shouting)

There you go.More shots.

Be quiet.I'm gonna be quiet,

but she put somegoddamn food on me,

and I'm-- I'm not playingwith her (bleep) ass.Mom...

"She put some goddamnfood on me

and I ain't playingwith her ass no more!"

You can't can force us to besomething that we're not!

So, since security gottahold you back, Lyrica G.,

like, you about to puthands on my mom.

Got your (bleep)daughter crying!


You chill!You don't even (bleep) care!

(Bleep)--No, mama shut up!

I'm gonna show these bitchessomething about--Damn, Mama! Be quiet!

A1 about to hurthis damn voice box

yelling at his momlike that.

Dinner is supposed to be happy.

Everybody loves food,and we mad.

What the hell are we doing?Like...

Hey, Mama! Mama--I'm cool.

You not cool!I am!

You're in a restaurantto eat food,

not fight, yelland throw drinks.

Be nice.