• Season 3, Ep 10

Safaree and Nikki Make A Fresh Start

Safaree and Nikki meet to bury the hatchet and start their relationship on a clean slate.

10/17/2016 ยท 2:27

(Safaree)Nikki hit me upto meet up today,

and I haven't seen hersince she ambushed me

with some random fan from Miami.

So, I'mma go see what's up,because I'm hoping me and her

can really talk and figuresome things out one-on-one,

you know, no games.

Just a real genuineheart-to-heart.

Mm.How you doing?

Good, how are you?

You sitting here?

Yeah, I'm gonna sitright here.

(Nikki)Safaree's been nothingbut honest and open with me

from the beginning,and I do feel bad

because I was beinga little bit of a player.

I can't lie, I kinda miss him,and I hate the way

we left thingslast time I saw him.

So, what's going on?

I had my heartall the way in you,

and that was it, right?

And plus, you know,after the situation

with you in Miami--Hold on, hold on.

I don't knowwho that person was.

I wasn't there, so I can'tsay I believed it.

This is my point,I'm saying is,

I wasn't all the wayhonest with you,

I kinda (bleep) up.Yeah, so then--

I don't know whathappened with you.

No, 'cause if it did,I wouldn't have lied to you.

Okay, well--'Cause I'd have been like,

you know what, you was doingwhat you were doing with Rosa.

You're right.We not officially together--

I don't wanna keep talking'bout you, me

and this Rosa thing.

I acknowledgemy fault in it.

So, you're sayingwe start over?


I mean, I do wanta relationship.

I wanna get married,I want kids,

and I wanta small dog.

We're not getting a dog.No matter how smallthe dog is,

the dog's nameis gonna be Bogdan.

Can you focus?

All right, well, I wanna rubmy coconut oil on you.

I'll see.It depends how I feel.


All right,so we're gonna work on

trying to make this serious?

Yeah.Okay, so--

I'm not being funny.I'm not--

I'm not gonna talkto nobody,

and you're notgonna talk to nobody else,

nobody including Rosa,right?

She will alwaysbe my friend.

I didn't say that, I'm not--I'm not ever gonna try

to control who yourfriends are and stuff.Right.

What I'm saying is herand I will remain friends,

always, but that's it,

that I don't haveanybody else.

I don't know abouthaving kids right now,

or a marriage,or even a small dog,

but it is nice to talkabout the future.

And honestly, I can't even thinkof a sweeter guy than Safaree.

Can you give me a hugso I can go?

Where you gotta go?

I have some businessto handle.

What you gottago do though?See, there you go.

I gotta go to the cluband stuff,

I gotta handle some stuff.

It's 4:00 in the afternoon,ain't nothing to do in the club.

Yeah, there is.See, there you go.

Wrongfully not understanding.

I'm gonna make sure you don'ttrip on your way out.

Oh, you're so sweet,thank you, I appreciate it.

Ladies first.