• Season 5, Ep 17

K.Michelle Discusses Her Return

K.Michelle explains why she returned to the show and what she hoped to accomplish back in Atlanta.

08/01/2016 ยท 2:38

(Nina)In order to interviewall cast members in two days,

the reunion scheduleis jam-packed

with almost no wiggle room.

So, what's the ETA?

No, they're not ready.They're naked.

(Nina)When K. Michelle didn't arrivedressed as planned

and then left setwhen security checked her bags,

she threw producersfor a loop.

(man)What happened, Gavin?

I don't know.One second.

(Nina)Production is halted,

and the crew scramblesto find a solution

for theirscheduling nightmare.

It fell on executive producerMona Scott-Young

to talk to K. Michelleand convince her to play ball.

So, let's talk a bitabout your growth,

because you parted wayswith this cast.

What made you returnto "Atlanta" this season?

I wanted tocome back to say,

you said I wouldn't be this,now look at me now.

I'm on my third album now,

and I wanted to come backand rub it in their face.

K. Michelleis back in Atlanta.


To all of you bitches at homewho always try to come for me...

I came back speaking(bleep) you.

What Rasheeda store doing?


I think that bitchis a witch.

Everything has been up Mimibesides a screwdriver.

You and Mimi initiallyhad your falling out

when she begandating Nikko.

What would it take for youto mend that friendship?

I don't want to be friendswith people like that,

and she offered menothing back

but a knife in my back.

Do you have any wordsfor K. Michelle?

For what? I have nothingto say to her.

Nothing.Absolutely nothing.

Rasheeda, what weresome of your thoughts?


(Nina)K. Michelle was back,

and her list of enemiescontinued to grow.

Even though they were friendslast season,

Dime found herself onK. Michelle's do-not-call list

for reasons unknown.

You know, Dime Penny can't come'cause she's, like...

I just don't wantany trash--But you brought her to Atlanta.

No, leave her--Trash.

Now, you were coolwith Jessica Dime initially.

You welcomed her to Atlanta.Yes, yes, yes.

But your relationshipseems to have fizzled.

Why is that?

I just don't want thataround me.

It was a lot of dramathat came with her.

Okay.I stoppedanswering the phone,

and I go to my DM,and then it's like,

oh, you fake-assbitch, you--

That's the tempertantrum that she do.

I want her to be a womanand talk to me face-to-face

and let me know what it is,what's your problem.

You know, all on TV,calling me ghetto

when you can't even holda candle to me on my worst day?

Let's not do that.