• Season 3, Ep 5

Safaree Confronts Nikki

When Safaree confronts Nikki about the status of their relationship, she gets defensive and calls Safaree insecure.

09/12/2016 ยท 3:35

(Nikki)That's right, Nude By Nikkiis not only for the ladies.

Today I have a photo shootto promote my men's brief.

That's good.

I think we should have themstart walking forward, Sean.

(Sean)That's looking good.

You look ashya little bit.

Thank you.

They look so shinynext to you.

What's up?

Hi, how are you?

I'm all right.

(Safaree)I'm glad I met up withthe dudes, because Fizz,

he's making me realize thatNikki's playing me hot and cold.

One day she wanna rub upall over the yard, man,

and then the next day, I can'teven get her up on the phone.

And I'm definitely not feelingthis photo shoot

with all of these amateur D-listmodels that I ain't never seen.

These dudes don't knowwhat the hell they doing.

They over there rubbing baby oilall over themselves,

looking dry.

It's all aboutthe coconut oil.

What you walk in hereall dry for?

I got a boneto pick with you.

Oh, okay.

Can y'all give us,like, five minutes?

Don't come in herewith that attitude.

I don't know why Safaree'swalking in here

with this attitude.

If anything,I should be annoyed.

He the one calling meand texting me all day

when I'm sitting heretrying to handle my business.

So, what's up?Talk to me.

Last night I was outwith A1,

chilling with him,talking to him abouthow much I like you.

He's asking me if it's realor not and all that, and...

I'm, like, "Yeah."And the whole night goes by.

You hit me the next morning,and you say my phone was off.

So, what are youassuming?

We went from speakingall the time.

Any time I FaceTime you or textyou, you hit me right back.

You leave,you go out of town.

Ironically, I can'treach you at all.

How do you demandthis much when we just met?

Have I ever lied to youor given you you a reason

to feel like I'm--I'm (bleep) somebody else?

I'm not (bleep)or (bleep) with somebody

(bleep) do nothingfor you to be mad at.

I don't know that.Well guess what?

That's a personal problem.

That's your own issuesyou have.

The things that I see thatlook like it could be wrong,

I'm not gonna sit thereand let it just

keep on buildingand building.

'Cause I've done it before,

and all it didwas create poison.

I'm on your side, but yousitting here fighting me

over what the lastbitch did to you

or the one before or whoeverthe (bleep) it was.

That's not fair to me.

If somebody elsewas in the picture,

do you feel like you havea right to be mad at me?

Do you feel like you--you're stepping upin such a way

of a man, financially,emotionally, mentally,

do you feel like you'redoing all those things

a man should doto be mad at me?

Outside of that, thenyou shouldn't say to me,

if I am gonnabe dealing with--I'm just asking you...

It was a yes or noquestion.

If am gonna be dealingwith somebody else,

you shouldn't be saying to me,"Safaree, I'm gonna tell you."

I'm not even saying I am!

(Safaree)I don't know why Nikki'sso defensive.

It's like,I don't pay her bills.

She's grinding hard.

But she's so aggressivelydefensive out of the gate,

it just makes me question hereven more.

And then she's telling meI'm just an insecure dude.

Nah, it's you,it's not me.

I didn't do nothing wrong.

I'm just out hereminding my business

trying to build with somebodythat I like.

But I don't knowif you on the same page.

I don't wanna be confused.

I wanna know what this is,you know what I'm saying?

I wanna have kids one day,I wanna get married.

I don't wanna be out here--one of these dudes out here

that's just singleand acting like I'm livingthis bachelor life.

I wanna be with you,and then, if you my girl,

I want the worldto see you my girl.

You know what I'm saying?I don't wanna hide that.

Honestly, I'm just tryingto figure it out right now

because I want usto make sure we're strong

before we can be,like, okay,

"This is my man,I'm your woman."

You knowwhat I'm saying?

All right.

If you don't step it upand really work on

your insecuritiesand past ways,

it's gonna be very hardfor us to move forwardand build together.

Can we make up?

You know youcan't resist me.