• Season 3, Ep 8 · Bonus

Check Yourself Season 3 Episode 8: I'm Such A Good Storyteller

Moniece, Brandi, and Masika break down what went down at Moniece's listening party while Nikki, Safaree, and A1 recap the ridiculous advice Ray J was giving Safaree.

10/03/2016 · 4:20

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This scene you're aboutto see is this bad bitch

putting this raggedy bitch,Brady, on blast

at my listening party.

♪ Bad bitches know,tap that -- it out ♪

♪ Pretty girl, cool yeah ♪

♪ Bad bitches know... ♪♪

This is my bull (bleep) recordthat you're gonna hear me

sound like (bleep) horse on top.

Oh, actually, let me stop,auto tune helped her sound

more like, um, a lamb.

I'm liking this.Thank you.

Super cute.

Speaking of bad bitches,

are the bad dog crew coming?

I know you justdid not just call

me, Princess, and Brianna Denaethe bad dog crew.

I'm just trying to seehow you plan on this going.

Well, I don't plan on itending very well.

That was never the goal here.

Ugh. For the life of me,I cannot understand Moniece.

I'm sick of beingbullied by her.

She hurts my feelings.Woe is me.

She's mean.

She had what was coming to her.

I also wanted to share the factthat Brandi "Becky bound" me

and she was notserving lemonade,

she was serving mepiping hot tea.

It's like you couldhear a pin drop,

the tension in the room.

I'm sorry, who are you again?Exactly.

An irrelevant ass bitch.

And the tea, Brandi wentlooking for her husband.

And then she attacked Beckyand then she was arrested.

I'm such a good storyteller.

But if that were my life,I'd be unhappy too.

If I was her husband,I would run, getaway,

never come back, vacate,drive off, throw my ring.

All the things he always does,

so it sounds pretty accurateto me.

You should go onwith that story

with the attention that you need

'cause you'rea mother (bleep) joke.

The tea just fell into my lap,what did you want me to do?

You can't just go aroundassaulting people

and insulting people

with poor grammarand horrible diction

and wrong vernacularand terminology.

(crowd shouting)

But, girl,don't take off your shoes

and get to running, girl.

We-- we in public,use your voice.

Now, we got a problem, bitch.Now, we got a problem.

You got the story so wrong,

just like your voice,it's just wrong, baby.

I just feel like thisis definitely not over now.


Look at that face,my face says it all.

You just dug a holefor no reason.

And now we're gonna have to put

this dog and her bonesand her biscuits in it.

So I just want them to go away.

They were probablythinking, like,

I've come to my senses.

It's her event, she wouldn'tdo anything to ruin it.

But I'm crazy.

The scene you're about to see

is Safaree and I both trying topull a fast one on each other.

But, big main thing,it's not gonna work.

We're both aboutto fail miserably.


Safaree, can you hear us?

I hear you, yeah.I hear you.

All right, look, I'm gonnagive you bullet points.

My (bleep) Ray J,what's up?

Listening to Ray Jand Soulja Boy?

This is a damn scam.


What's going on?

You got me (bleep) up.

You got me (bleep) up.

Oh... Oh, really?


I cannot--oh, my God.

Once I would've heard

"You got me (bleep) up"in my ear,

I would've been like,"Excuse me."

Hi, how are you?Nice to see you too, okay?

I address you howI feel to address you.

I address you how I feellike I want to address you.

Yeah, I'm talking to you.I'm talking to you.

Yo, Ray J-- they are playingwith this dude.

I put me all into it.

I don't half-ass it.Oh, you do?

Of course, I do.Oh, okay.

I'm gonna put my mind, body,and my face into it.

I'm gonna put my mind,my body, and my face--

Yo, Ray, I hate you.

Yeah, right.

He got no chance.

Damn, bro,what the (bleep) happened?

Yeah, what the (bleep)happened, bro?

We-- we-- I win,Nikki wins.

So you done with Nikki?

I ain't feelingthis right now, bro.

I ain't gonna lie.I'm gonna fall back.

Ray's advice, I would've--I'd have take the ear piece out.

Safaree, you will definitely getyour apology from me, honey.

But today was a lot of fun(bleep) with you, to be honest.