• Season 3, Ep 1

Will Princess Sign A Pre-Nup?

After talking with his mom, Ray J asks Princess if she would be willing to sign a pre-nup.

08/15/2016 ยท 2:13

(Ray J)Ever since Moms told me aboutthe prenup, I been bugging out.

I mean, Moms is right.

Me and Princess should havean understanding, but damn!

We ain't evenhad an engagement party yet.

Maybe I might just needto tell Princess right now

while we gettingthe cars wrapped

and getting the rimsput on the whips.

It might lighten the mood.

All I need isthe diamonds right hereand I will be good to go.

With all that ass,you gonna get all you want.

Be quiet.

I'm not sure why Ray decidedto all of a sudden

get my car custom-wrapped,but I'm not complaining.

Ray and I are ina really good place right now.

We've cleaned up our act,we've both stopped drinking,

and we've been more focusedon our relationship.

I'm happy we in sync,like me and you,

we, like, on the same page,you know what I'm saying?

And I never want to make youmad, you know what I'm saying?

So are you aboutto make me mad?

No. Like, at the end of the day,I wanna make you happy.

But at the same time,I just wanted to know

what you thoughtabout a prenup.

Like, whereis this coming from?

I talked to Moms,

and she mentioned it to me,

and I mention it to youbecause I do feel like

we love each other and I wantto protect both of us.

But I don't feel like thisis you that wants the prenup,

I feel likeit's coming from...

Mrs. Sonja.

She mentioned it to me.

It's almost like we'regetting ready to get divorced

before we even get married.

But I feel like we gotta getto the bottom or something--

You don't feel like we'regonna be together forever?

I feel like we gonna betogether forever and ever.

But just in case...

But just in case, nothing.This is your--

That's what this is,a just-in-case.

That's not what--Just in case nothing of nothing.

Now, all this is soundinglike a bunch of B.S. to me.

I know Ray's motheris at the center of this.

Now, let's make this real clear.

Sonja is not walking downthe aisle with us,

so she needsto stay in her place

or I'm callingthis whole wedding off.

I do not wantto sign a prenup.

I'm against it 100%,

so looks like you havesomething to figure out.

(Ray J)To go against my momand the woman I love

is a problem,and it'semotional.

To prenup or not to prenup?

That's the question.

(car door slams,engine starts)