• Season 5, Ep 14

The Women Pop Off At Stevie J's Pool Party

Karlie Redd and Tiarra get physical after Karlie's confession about Scrapp while Jessica Dime taunts Joseline and Dawn.

07/11/2016 ยท 3:40

(Karlie)I told Lyfethe person I was, like,

talking to or whatever,was Scrapp.

I'm sitting here having a nice,relaxing time at the pool,

and Karlie Redd had the nerveto sit here and tell me

that she's sleepingwith my baby daddy?

And I can tellby the look on Dime's face

that she knewthe entire time.

Did you knowabout this, Dime?

(Dime)I don't know why Karlie

would choose this momentto confess her sins.

But I didn't haveanything to do with this,

and it's not my businessto tell.

You had sent methis text, right?

"I am not takingmy son to see him.

I am dating someone new."

So, that wasthe green light for you

to hop on his (bleep)?

(Tiarra)Okay, yeah, so what,I'm seeing J. Nick.

But what that got to dowith having enough respect

for your friend to--not to smash my leftovers?

Oh, but wait, we're talkingabout Karlie Redd.

The bitch that will (bleep)anything that moves.

(Tiarra)My baby daddymake me sick too.

Karlie can have him.

Karlie and Tommiecan fight over him.

Before hewent to jail--

Karlie,you're like 15.

Let me tell you something!You're likeyour daughter's age.

I was just tryingto keep it 100 as a friend.

I was hoping you wouldn'tmake a scene,

but that's expectingtoo much from a hood rat.

So, come on, girl, let's go.

Girl, watch that...

You're still workingat a nine-to-five!

But guess what, I got moremoney than you, Karlie.

You live inan apartment!

I built a housefrom the ground up!

It's on the south side!Everywhere...

It don't matter!It don't matter!

(Dime)No-no no-no no-nono, no, no, no, no!

Give me my mother(bleep)drink, bitch!

(Joseline)So, I'm chilling upstairslike a queen

looking down at the raggedybitches, and, I'm, like...

"Bitch, is thatMiss Dime Penny?"

God damn it.

And I looked at my husbandand I'm, like,

"This the type of rachet bitchesyou invite to your pool party?"

You a (bleep) suckerfor sport.

Girl, please!You nasty.

It don't matter!Bitch!

Grab it, bitch,come on, get it!

KK gonna whip yourmother(bleep) ass!

Oh, (bleep) bitch.

(Karlie)You can keep that purse.

I'll getanother Celine tonight.


Lord, these girls got no classwrecking Stevie's pool party

Me, well,I see Shenellica up there

watching likeit's a spectator sport.

I'ma be nice and say "hey"to the host

and the womanwho's not his wife.

I'm actually surprisedto see her.

I thought they were beefing.

What's up, Hernandez?What's up?


- You happy to be aroundmy husband?

You're not married,though.

I'm not married?

Stevie and I are gonnaalways be together.

So, guess what, Mimi, Tommie,Dime, all you bitches

that think we not,that try to break us up,

it ain't gonna happen.

And, look, you gotthe help with you.

Oh, I'm the help?

This is a sexy party,let's keep it sexy.

Why you so angry?

You the same bitch thattold me they weren't married.

So shut the (bleep) up.No, you shutthe (bleep) up.

Raggedy-ass bitch.

Dawn is the same troll

that was runningaround town last year

telling everybody that Stevieand Joseline weren't married.

This ain't the scene I wannabe in right here, yo.

Now she's sitting up herelike Joseline's guard dog

ready to fight her battles--she's a fool.

These two bitchtrying to bug me.

You a fraud.You been to jail.

Look at you.Shut the (bleep) up, ho!

I don't know why y'allinvite her Stevie, come on.

I was hoping by Joselineseeing Dime at the party,

it would get a littlerise out of her.

And it did just that.

You know, fair's fair!

I thought thiswas gonna be sexy.

Oh, now you blame it on me'cause of the bitch you invited?

I just with they wasn'tbusting up my grown, sexy party.

Come on, Dawn.Gear head, move.

(Jessica Dime)What the bitch wanna do?!

I swear to GodI'ma beat both of you hoes!

Let us out, move!

I'm that bitch!

Y'all tripping, man.

Look out!You wanna see me?

Let me go!Let me go, guys!

(Joseline)I'm gonna let the security getrid of this raggedy fat bitch.

I'm gonna go in the pool, andI wanna have me a great time.

Fake-ass bitch 'cause I'm a realbitch at the end of the day.

(Stevie)Yeah, that's right,that's what I'm talking 'bout.

(scattered cheers)