• Season 5, Ep 19

Niq Niq On Set Of Her Music Video

After a rocky start Niq Niq gets in the grove of shooting her first msuic video as a solo artist.

09/12/2016 · 2:09

We can step her off.


Touch up the set, guys,touch it up.

Listen, don't worryabout the camera.

Don't let itmake you uncomfortable.Okay.

Just... actlike it ain't there.

(Niq Niq)I've been pretty nervousabout this all day,

but my mom's right-- I shouldjust block out everything

and be confident in myself.

I just want to frame upand then go from there.

Are we framed?Yup, looks good.

All right, that'sour frame, guys.

All right, Z, here we go--loving it.


Here we go, let's do it.

Roll playback!

(track playing)

♪ I'ma tell you again ♪

♪ I do just what I wanna do ♪

♪ Spend it how I'm 'sposed to ♪Now we're on a roll.

Yeah! ♪ I'm here with all of my -- and we all bad too ♪

Yeah! ♪ When you see us ♪

♪ We turn it up... ♪

Just walking, walking...yes, that was it!

One and done on that one, Z!

(cheering and applause)

(Tiny)Yeah, Niq Niq!

(Ham)Tick, tick, boom!

Yes, that hairturned you up, baby.

Moving on--we're shooting the three bikes.


(engine revving)

(Ham)Here we go, folks, stand by!

Roll camera! Action!

(Daniel)There you go-- walk, smile...



(Tiny)Zonnique's so killing it.

Folks, we're moving on!

Glass building over here.

P.A.s, let's getthis playback system set up.

Let 'em knowI'm ready in 10 minutes.

I hear you,I hear you.

Get the audience in check.

Zonnique's killing it now, girl.

This blonde hair look tight too.

(Ham)All right, let's do it,folks, gotta go. Camera!

(Niq Niq)Today was really fun.

I was a little nervousin the beginning,

but thankfully,the director was so cool

and my mom wasreally supportive.

Going solo wassuch a big decision for me,

but now that I've donethe video shoot

and it actually went smoothly,

I'm excited to seewhat will happen next.

(Ham)Cut! That's a wrap!

(laughter, cheering, applause)Zonnique!

Yeah!Brought "Nun for Free!"

(Daniel)Thank you, everyone.

Yeah, you turned up andturned the show out there.

No, baby, listen.

You know I never doubtedyou at all, you know?

Oh, girl...You know that.

(both laughing)