• Season 3, Ep 3 · Bonus

Max Gets The Wedding Scoop From Brandi

Brandi tries to explain to Max all the wedding planning she and Princess have been doing.

08/29/2016 · 2:39


No, no, he didn'tsay anything.

So we're good.

Yeah, I think I'll be ableto get away tonight.

(bleep), let mecall you right back.

Okay. Bye.

Don't rush offthe phone for me.

(chuckling)Oh, no, no, no.

Just talkingto Princess.

What you up to?

Gotta do some more stufftoday with Princess.

Oh, really?How's that going?

Y'all been doing the thingfor the wedding, all of that?

It's great.

Yeah, so you knowhow they have, like,the gift suites?

We're gonna make the weddinglike a... national holiday

and have allthe different sponsors

and people thatwanna, you know,

get their products outand give some love.

Whatever, just aroundthe theme wedding.

This is just--this is just-- it's a lot.


We actually ended uphaving a meeting about

how we wanted to do

the officialwedding engagement.

Having a meeting?

At the--Like a phone meeting or...

No, no, no, no, no.We met in person,we met in person.

Oh, y'all met?

Yes, yes.Y'all was together?

So what you're sayingis you actually--

you've actuallydone no work yet,

you just talking aboutdoing work.

No, no, I've done--I've done some work.

I'm saying that-- okay.

You're just-- you'retrying to mix me up.

No, I'm saying,on a scale of zero to 100,

you've done...how much percent work?

Probably like...


That's why it'simportant that

we meet again,

because we have so muchstuff we have to--

It's not easyplanning a wedding,

making sure that weget everything right.

And, you know,I'm gonna be doing

a bachelorette partyfor Princess.


And I'm thinkingof a burlesque theme.

We have a-- we havea lot of (bleep) to do.

This isn't all glitzand glam, pretty,

okay, everybody put on makeupand their dress and heels

and we're at the wedding.

No, everything has to bealigned, down to the guests...

So y'all don't havean event planner?

What we've been working onare the details

that are gonna makethis event very luxury.

It's not easyplanning a wedding.

I see you stressed out.

I was just trying to figure outwhat you stressing over.

I'm just tryingto make sure

that everything is right.

Okay, that's what up.

I don't wannaslow you up.

Mm, mm, mm.I'm gonna go get dressed.

I got the houseto myself.

Cuban cigar.

And I wife I can trust.