• Season 5, Ep 13 · Bonus

Tony Rock Roasts The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

In this extended scene, Tony Rock pokes fun at Karlie Redd, Tiarra, Mimi, Joseline, Stevie J, and Jessica Dime.

07/04/2016 · 3:03


Who are you in the middle,my dear?

This is Tiarra.Tiarra.

Tiarra, how are you, my dear?

First time here?Yeah.

You sound like, is this(bleep) gonna run?

What you gonna do?Don't call me no (bleep)--

I'll call you (bleep)It's an acronym.

A (bleep) acronym.

It's Because I Thoughtyou was Cool, Ho.

(Tiarra)What if I said your mama?What if I said your mama?

What if I said your mama?

If you said my mama'sa (bleep)?

My mama is a (bleep) sometimes.Okay.

That's why I movedto California.

I said, "Mama, I gottaget outta here,

"you acting like a real (bleep).

"I can't get no (bleep) here,I can't bring no (bleep) over,

you being a real (bleep)blocking (bleep), Mama."

So now that she's a (bleep),that make you a (bleep), too?

No, no.

Okay, so why you say if I callyour mama a (bleep),

like it's even, tit for tat?

And speaking of (bleep), um...

You are wearingthat (bleep) dress.

No, this gonna be a fun night.

I think I like you now,Tiarra.

But nobody compares to Mimi.Mimi my boo.

Well, get on Mimi.Mimi my boo.

I'm gonna--I'm trying to get on Mimi.

He always gets on me, no.I'm trying to get on Mimi.

Nobody got that?Nobody? All right.

Is Joseline inthis mother (bleep)?


Hey, Stevie!My Kutty Kat.

Stingy with it.

You with that Kutty Kat.

Oh, my God.

I'm the baddest bitch.


You been in the studio for yearsand we heard that music.


And you beenin the studio for three,

four seasons on the show.

We ain't hear (bleep).

Do we have a CDthat we can play, like...

I'm the good guy.


It's getting crazy.

See, Mimi don't knowthat I know I'm the good guy.


See, what Joseline thinksI'm gonna do,

that ain't gonna flywith the good guy.


No, that's you, for real.

All right, good guy,

this has been a greatcomedy show, you ready?

Yes.You ready, you ready to turn up?

Absolutely, absolutely.All right, all right.

Jessica Dime (bleep),y'all ready to have some fun?

Born ready.

I wish I was there-- I wishI was there back in the day.

Back in what day?

Before you retired from...

(Jessica laughs)

You could have gottena lot of money out of me.

You ain't never show up.

I know, that's why I wasn't--I wasn't ballin' like I am now.


So put it this way,if you go back, I'll go back.

Oh, well,we won't be back, then.

We won't be back.

The strippers knowwhen I come in.

They got that red lightin the room for me.

I have boughtmore strippers Priuses,

that I should get a plaque

from the (bleep) EnvironmentalProtection Agency, okay?

I wouldn't havegot no Prius.

You would have got a what?

Benz, Bentley or something.

You would have got a Benz,Bentley (bleep)?

I get it beforeyou even (bleep).

Whoa, you get it from mebefore we (bleep)?

Mm-hmm.Before I (bleep), you get it?


(bleep), are you a hypnotist?

She's gonna take her (bleep),look at the (bleep).


I'm like, oh, (bleep),get Jessica Dime a Bentley.

Y'all readyfor the show tonight?

Let me hear you make some noise.