• Season 5, Ep 15

T.I. Helps Major With His Project

The family helps Major with his soap project, but things turn left when everyone decides what's best for Major, and leaves him out of his own project.

08/08/2016 ยท 3:20

No. For what?

Glazed donut icing.

I don't trust it.

(both laugh)

Why do you have on gloves?


'Cause it's hot.

It's soap.

You tried to make me eat soap?(both laughing)

So now it saysthe next thing we do

is pour it into the molds...

That's plastic-- you sureit's not gonna melt?

Which shape?This one?

You sure it's not gonnamelt through?

I'm pretty sure.

(Messiah) Hey, hey,what y'all doing?

What's going on, bruh?What are you doing?

We're making soap.


For Major's project.

I wanna do some.

Put your goggles on.

It's a bit hardto get these on.

(Deyjah) I feel likeI'm in biology class.

(TI) Kinda, sorta.You got biology?

I got biology too.

You're bothin the ninth grade.

Is this soap smelling good

or are you just tryingto make some plain soap?

We just made some,like, kinda, over here.

Nah... Major. (chuckles)

Yeah?Can I be honest with you?


Your soap looks kinda boring.

Guess what? Your hairlooks kinda boring too.


Look, I thinkwe should spice it up.

Let's make itsmell good

and let's getsome new shapes.

How we gonna make itsmell good, huh?

We gonna find a way.

(Domani) Yeah, where'sthe cologne? Yeah.



We should do some lavender.

Look, hey, check this out.

It's lavender,smell it.Oh, okay.


You don't like it.No.

All right, so Majorhas his simple soap,

but Major is a Harris.

He must supersedeall expectations.

Therefore, I'ma give hima little...

Ah, Harris touch.

You now add the ingredients.

What are you doing?Look, splashing.

That's not safe.

Oh, maybe that's why youwear goshdang glasses.


(TI)It got serious.

Hey, look, Major,you want some of this.

No, I don't.Oh, hold up, hold up, what...

That's what you want.I don't.

I want it.You want it to be green?

No, I don't.Why is it green,why you want it to be green?

What's your, what'syour favorite color, Major?



Major wants it to be blue,let's make it blue.

Major, it still looksboring.

Use my adviceand put some green in it,

and maybe... oh...Ha!


Let's takethe top off first.

(Deyjah)See, you gonna getan A because of us.

But that's nothow it works.

That is how it works.How does it work, Major?

It's not.It looks so awesome.

You're just supposed tohelp me, not do it for me.

Well, wait a minute.That's cheating!

What it smell like?

Mmm... I don't know...

Smells like...(sighs)

Good job, Major.(laughing)

Wait a minute, man,where are you going, bro?

You're puttingthings in there

that's not evensupposed to go in there.

What do you mean?Cologne? Cologne?

No...Really? It's notsupposed to go in there.


(TI)I'm proud of Major that he wantsto do things his way.

He's supposed to.

Uh, but I mean,and technically he is, but look,

if you're looking to blow thesocks off of the competition,

it's gonna take a littlecollaborative effort.

Y'all do it and y'all,if y'all

so, so professional,

if you are professionals,y'all do it!