• Season 3, Ep 4 · Bonus

A1 and Lyrica Plan A Dinner With Their Moms

After working in the studio together, A1 and Lyrica decide to plan a dinner with their mothers in order to clear the air and move forward.

09/05/2016 · 2:48


Yeah, yeah, yeah.No, that's way better.

Thank you, boo.

You can come out.Okay, cool.


You killed that wreck.

Oh.You killed that.

I feel really good about it.

You should.I feel really good.

And it's done.All I gotta do is mix it, yeah.And it's amazing.

Literally, and when youput your sauce on there....

Right, right, right.The thing about it is,

is it's so tough,'cause you know,

we're songwriters, you know,I'm a songwriter

and I'm always writing for otherpeople and it's tough sometimes

when you, like, do somethingand you love it for yourself.

All the crazy records that we becrazy about, we give 'em away.

Every time, yeah.You noticed that, right?

And I had a couplelabel execs get on me, like,

Yo, why you give, you know,your biggest record--

like, why would you do that?

And I'm like, you know,at the time when

you're a songwriter,you know that if this person

does your record and it goesnumber one, or it charts,

or it plays on the radioall the time,

you get to make a lot of money,

but we not in thisjust for the money.


It's your time, like,this is your year, you know.

We gotta put more energytowards your stuff.

Before we get up out of here,I wanted to, you know,

just talk to you a little bit.

Um, I know it wasa big weight off you.

What?That my mom moved--finally moved out.

Oh, my God.Such a weight.But...

When she moved out,I'm like, yo,

it kinda was a weight off methat I didn't even realize.

It's just more peaceful,it's relaxing.Yeah, I agree.

Don't get me wrong, I love yourmother at the end of the day,

and I feel bad when I feel likeI disrespect her,

or she disrespects me.Yeah, 'cuase you allbe going at it like...

It hurts me because at the endof the day,

that's still my mother-in-law,

'cause I want usto be a close family.

With that being said,I think that we should

take our moms to dinner.

Tomorrow, maybe.Ooh!

I want to, like,make steps forward.

Okay.I don't want to be going back

and then meand you staying, like,

arguing because ofour moms.

No.Because it's just--

I think dinner is a good idea,because they can, like,

really sit down,connect, look at each other.

My mom doesn't have to have itharboring on her that your mom

is still in the houseand I don't want that

and you lowkeydidn't want that.

Now it's like...But, but, you know,

I got my issueswith your mom, too,

so we gotta address that.

We never--

We never reallyaddressed anything yet.

I just be putting up with itbecause me and you are in love.

We're one.

I don't thinkyou should tell her

that my mom's gonnabe at dinner.

So wait a minute.

Surprise herwith your mom?Definitely.

We're gonna have to,because if you tell her,

she might not even go.

Likewise, if I tell my mom,she might not go.

Okay.You know, they--

The last time they saweach other, they was at it.

Tell each of them we're going todinner with the three of us.

So it's gonna be me,you, and my mama.There you go.

Make your mama thinkit's gonna be me you and her.

There you go.I think that's the best--

Okay, that's a good idea, yeah.Yeah, yeah.

That's the best thingto do right now.Yeah.